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Things have been somewhat busy since my last post at the end of last year, and I have just not found the time to write anything for my blog.

As Jenson has gotten older he has taken up more and more of my time and coupled with me going back to work part time I just havent found the time to update my blog. I apologise to my readers that were once loyal and I will now try to update and keep you posted as Jenson progresses. I think my main reason for starting my blog again is due to the fact I recently saw an article about 3 baby boy triplets that were born at 24 weeks, and they ALL survived! An incredible story and simply amazing that they all survived, reading the story really made me well up and reminded me of just how lucky me and my husband are to have Jenson here today.

The charity Bliss hasnt been fair from my mind either, where I am working part time, they hold a dress down day once I month and staff can nominate a charity. I decided to nominate Bliss as I felt they had helped me with advice on caring for Jenson in the early days and I felt this was a very worthwhile cause to donate too. All the nominations get sent to all staff and then we all vote. And I was pleased to see that the majority of staff agreed with my nomination and last month our dress down day was in aid of Bliss.

So onto my little man, Jenson.

Jenson is now 18 months old! Can you believe it?! Time has just simply flown by and now I spend less time concerned with the fact that he was premature and more time chasing him round the house and telling him “NO”.

Development wise he has improved in leaps and bounds, Jenson started walking at the beginning od December last year and now runs round the house with Daddy chasing him. His intelligence just amazes me at the moment, he is learning things so quickly and picking things up so fast that it astounds me.

Jenson had his last related prematurity appointment a few weeks back, to do with his earring and Im pleased to say this came back all okay, in fact the nurse said to us that his behaviour was alot more advanced for a normal 18 month old! I dont think she realised how much this little bit of information pleased me, hearing a complete stranger telling my that my little boy is quite clever was brilliant.

As for potty training, well I think this is one thing that he will be a little behind on, he is showing no signs of wanting to do this yet so I think this is best left for a while yet.

And as for Jensons height, well he has certainly taken after his Daddy. According to the graph in his red book, Jenson will be the tallest out of 100 children! I can see future school uniform trousers are going to be a nightmare to buy!!

So that was just a little update on my little boy.


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