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A bit of background info on me!

My name is Emma and first time mum to my little boy Jenson. Jenson was born 8 weeks early, arriving at 31 weeks + 6 days. I am a happily married wife to my husband L.

Since Jenson was born I have become extremely frustrated with the lack of help and support in my area for mums with premature babies. So I have decided to publish a blog on the life of my prem baby to help and support other prem baby mums!


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Nice fledgling blog! I found you via the Showcase Forum. I’m a premie Twin, was a 1kg baby (2 lb) who was less than 12 inches long. That’s shorter than Barbie LOL!
We were born at 26 weeks in a hospital 4.5 hours away from home in a decade where we were pragmatically given a few hours to live and shocked everyone by surviving.
Technology certainly wasn’t what it is today and I’ve since discovered that only 3% of babies born as early as we were survive without very serious complications, even today.
We have a ton of stories about how unprepared everyone was for our existence, and how few support mechanisms there were then.
We fitted though a bars of a regular play-pen for instance, and when I was One year old I sat on the outside edge of the tray of a tall wooden highchair, but was luckily too light to topple it.
There is a lot of catching up to do for Premies, but keep hope, many of us go on to become normal healthy kids and adults.
Our difficult start in life is not always a determinater of our future potential.
Happy Blogging! 🙂

Oh wow thank you very much, its nice to get some positive comments from other bloggers that have been on here a while. I must put some photos on here soon, at least then my readers will get a better idea of what Jenson looks like.

You were so tiny! Although a good weight for the age you were born at though. You know I dont think they measured Jenson when he was born, thats a shame. That must have been so hard for your parents having to travel the 4.5 hours from home, I was just so thankful that I wasnt transferred to another hospital in the end. Being at my local hospital was definately easier and meant I was only 10 minutes away if anything happened.
Its so nice to hear that Jenson will grow up to lead a normal and happy life, and the fact that he was born early wont make a difference at all.

Likewise, your blog is very interesting. Once again thank you for your kind comments 🙂

Hi, I just wanted to leave a comment to say thank you for writing this blog and sharing your experiences. I just discovered it via the bliss forum and am part of the way through reading. I gave birth to my little boy just over 8 weeks ago at 31+2 weeks by c section due to IUGR that was discovered at 26 weeks. He was just 2lb9oz and stayed in NICU for five weeks. He’s doing really well, putting on weight slowly but steadily but is still tiny and life feels pretty tough at the moment. I’m staying at home a lot to keep him away from germs and as I didn’t do NCT due to his early arrival I feel pretty isolated so it’s really good to have discovered both your blog and the bliss forums so that I can at least have some virtual contact with other mums in the same boat. Thanks again for writing it and I look forward to continuing to read your story.
Fiona x

Hi Fiona

Thank you for your kind words, I think Ive mentioned before it means so much to me when people like yourself leave kind comments about my blog, makes me realise that it was definately worth putting my experiences down in to words.

Congratulations to you Fiona! Glad to hear your little boy is doing well, it does seem forever until your little baby suddenly seems a normal size. Jenson is now 4 months old and its probably only been over the last month that he has started to resemble the same size as a full term baby born at the same time. Your little boy will put on lots of weight, as did Jenson. I find every time I get him weighed such a big achievement for him, that every little bit he puts on is one step closer to him catching up. Things will get easier for you Fiona, it is tough in the beginning but you just get used to it. My advice is, treat him like a normal full term baby. Thats what we have done with Jenson and he has come on in leaps and bounds since leaving hospital. Isolation is something that both me and my husband felt and still do.

Happy reading! And please do leave any further comments if you would like 🙂

Emma x

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