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According to WordPress it has been over three years since the last blog post on Lifeofaprembaby – those 3 years have been full of ups and downs not just with Jenson but life in general.

A part of me feels a little guilty for not updating this blog for a few years but on the positive side it means us as a family are now 3 years down the line with some of our questions answered about Jenson and how his prematurity has effected him during that time.

No doubt if you were an original reader of my blog posts you will be asking yourself “why is she starting this up again?”

One reason is due to being inspired by an old school friend who has recently started up her own blog and has been nominated and gotten through to the finals of a national competition for blogs – for this I salute her.

Another reason for starting up again is that us as a family are now 3 years down the line with Jensons development and there is so much to tell!

Im sure there are many other parents who have recently been effected by the birth of a premature baby and are just as worried as we were when Jenson was born and how their baby will be effected by this growing up.

Over the coming blog posts you will all realize that yes I still worry about the smallest of things with Jenson, something I think all parents do but I hope what you will read on Lifeofaprembaby will help ease just a little of the worry that you may be feeling.

This blog is and always has been an outlet for me to express my emotions and frustrations on the lack of information and support for parents of premature babies and just like when I started this nearly 6 years ago I hope it helps anyone reading this.

For now Ill be sharing my older blog posts whilst working on some new ones. Future blog posts will be about Jensons first school year, first holidays, new friends and moving house.

Its been an adventure with Jenson and a rollercoaster of emotions since the last time I wrote so grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy Life Of A Prem Baby!



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