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Jenson seems to be growing up so fast!

Posted on: 15/11/2012

Yes I hear you cry I am back! Well for a while anyway, as as this post suggests this post is all about me feeling rather old and Jenson seeming to grow up so fast now.

Jenson is now 2 years and 3 months old, amazing really when you think back on my posts in 2010 describing my experiences of neonatal and the birth of Jenson, I cant quite believe that we are already 2 years down the line and at how much my little boy has changed.

So Jenson this month has started two mornings a week at Preschool! I cant quite believe it myself. Myself and my husband had come to the conclusion that Jenson was now at a point where personally we couldnt do anything more learning wise while Jenson was at home, and felt that going to preschool would hlep firstly his development and his social skills.

I must admit its taken me some time to accept the fact that do to this would mean someone else looking after Jenson other than family, something Ive always been a bit sceptical about, he’s my baby how can I trust someone else that I dont know to look after my precious little boy??

I also knew in the back of mind Jenson needed to go to Pre-School, yes the doctors tell you that a Prem baby will have caught up with others kids the same age as him by the time he is 2, but I guess I still dont quite believe that, and Im hoping that Pre-School will help to identify any problems that Jenson may have because of being born premature, if he has any at all. Having said all this, the first session I dropped Jenson off at this week, I came away very emotional and teary, where else Jenson was absolutely fine, his standard departure to me of “Bye, Bye, Lots (shortened version of love you lots), morning (shortened version of see you in the morning), was all he said to me and then he was off playing with all the brand new toys. Safe to say he indeed likes Pre-School.

For all of those of you wondering, Jenson is still very tall for his age, he was measured at his 2 year review, and even though he was quite on the 98th centile this time, he is well above average, as for his feet, he measures a size 7 in childrens shoes at the moment!

Jensons speech has really come on over the last few months too, where as before it would take Jenson a couple of attempts hearing the same word, now you can say it once and he will repeat it, perhaps not a good thing if you accidently stub your toe and curse out loud and Jenson is within hearing range!

Jensons hand/eye co-ordination seems to be really good too, he can play with his blocks and build towers and then he can pick up the smallest bits and place them in some sort of hole, for example he is very good and picking up bits of lint or crumbs that have fallen on the floor or have missed with the hoover!

We are still to potty train Jenson, to be honest he isnt really asking to go, or telling us before he does anything, I think we will let him decide when he wants to do it, on a plus note last week he did have his nappy off for 30 mins, wee’d on the floor, I quickly said to him “quick quick on the potty!” and bless him he ran, sat on his potty and actually done a wee!! So maybe he is getting close to being ready…

Right sounds as if my little man is waking up from his nap (now down to one nap a day, duration of about an hour!), so i will leave you with a more up to date photograph of my darling boy and me :0)Image





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