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Last week saw Jensons One Year Review, something I felt quite anxious about to be honest. I know medical professionals and friends and family have told me that Jenson has caught up and that he is doing well for his age considering he was born 8 weeks early, but there is always that little thought in the back of my mind that Jenson may still be a bit behind. We still go to Baby Club (well more of a toddler group now) every week, however all the other children are either younger or older, so up until Jensons review I had no one to compare him to.

So now with Jenson at 13 months I would finally have an opportunity to see him interact with other children the same age.

Im not sure what I expected at the review, but what I hadnt expected was it to be in a group format, I naively thought it would be a one to one session, something I was a little disappointed about. We arrived at the review and sat down with the other mums and their children, toys had been placed in the middle of the group for the kids to play with. And then it was a case of the Health Visitor asking if we had any concerns, them answering your questions, them then asking us all if the kids were trying to talk, were they walking, how were they feeding, had we had any temper tantrums (at which point I shouted yes! Jenson has an evil temper and takes no notice of me when I tell him off! Just talks back at me in some gibberish that I can understand lol), and the Health Visitor assured me that this was normal and that the tantrums would most likely get worse as he approaches the age of 2!

All the while I was talking to the Health Visitor Jenson has gotten bored of the toys and has decided to explore the room that we are in, so while Im trying to concentrate on what Im being told I can see Jenson out the corner of my eye standing at a table throwing all the leaflets that are on top of it onto the floor! Then he decides that he wants to crawl under ALL the chairs that everyones sitting on, followed by trying to escape out of the door of the room we are in, whilst also crawling over the other babies because they are in his way!

After this excitement it was time to get Jenson weighed and measured, Jenson was one of the last to be done, and during our wait another baby wasnt at all happy about being measured and was crying his protest, Jenson thought this was all just a game and so every time the other little boy screamed Jenson decided to copy him! All I could hear as Jenson shouting “Arrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh” lol

I eventually managed to get Jenson on the changing mat to be weighed, I sat him on the scales, and his weight as of last week is now 20pound 12 ozs, in comparison at the same point last year he weighed only 7pound 5 ozs. Next came the time to get him measured, now as everyone who knows us knows Jensons Daddy is rather tall, at 6ft 4ins, and Ive had no end of people tell me how “tall” Jenson appears to be. The measurement taken at his review, only confirmed what everyone had been saying, Jenson is on the 98th Centile line for his age, i.e. out of 100 babies born at the same time, same age as him on 2 babies would be taller than him!!

So by the time Jenson is a teenager Im not only going to have neck ache from looking up at his Daddy, but also from Jenson has well!

All in all I feel the review went well, I was pleased to see that Jenson was doing the same things as the other kids his age, and you couldnt tell that he had been born premature.

Now if only I could get him walking……


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