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Hospital Check Up today :(

Posted on: 21/06/2011

Today heralds another trip to the hospital for Jenson, and I have my fingers crossed that the doctors will give us good news that Jenson is developing well and that the 8 weeks prematurity has not affected him in anyway.

Im also hoping to get some advice on the shape of his head today, as although over the last few months there has been a slight improvement, you can still see that the shape of his skull is flat. Thankfully Jenson has been blessed with a whole head of hair which makes it less obvious. Other people say Im worrying over nothing, I guess I just want a consultant at the hospital to tell me that his head will eventually right itself.

Im really hoping the doctors are pleased with this progress and development, being 8 weeks prematurity is such a huge gap in development terms, especially when Jenson starts school.

Lets hope for good news today 🙂 I have attached another pic for my readers of Jenson, over the last couple of weeks he has finally learnt to crawl! I will update my blog tomorrow with the results of our hospital visit.


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I hope everything went well

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