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Is this really how hectic it will be if I go back to work?!

Posted on: 08/06/2011

So today I have a job interview, scheduled for 11:00am and wow has it been like a military operation this morning!

In order for me to get everything ready on time, Ive had to get up before 7:00am (some of you may think this is pretty late considering Jenson is only 10 months old, but we are very lucky that Jenson likes his sleep and will sleep in till about 8:30am every day, bliss!), so Ive had to make sure I get myself dressed, that Ive had my breakfast and that the car is all loaded up with Jensons things (which ends up filling the whole boot!) and all this before 8:00am!

Jenson is now fed and watered and is taking a quick nap before we have to leave for Nanny’s in about half an hour, then once there I can relax for a bit and prep myself for the interview.

Who ever said parenting was easy?!


1 Response to "Is this really how hectic it will be if I go back to work?!"

Yes it’s not easy is it? To make you feel better you do get into a bit of a groove so that it ends up being a SMOOTH military operation 🙂

Good luck with the job interview! x

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