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As Jensons 1st Birthday fast approaches

Posted on: 07/06/2011

Yesterday Jenson turned 10 months old and it made me realise just how quick those last 10 months have gone, and just how much Jenson has changed. Me and my husband are already planning Jensons birthday party but both of us cant believe how lucky we are to have Jenson here at all.

Over the last few weeks Ive found myself looking back on the photos of when Jenson was first born, and realising just how tiny he was and how far he has come since the 6th August. Ive also found myself thinking about friends that are currently expecting babies and as they go past 31 weeks+6 days without any hiccups I still wonder why I was unfortunate to go into premature labour? A question I guess I will never have answered.

To this day I still think some people dont realise just how touch and go it was when Jenson was born, and to be honest at the time I dont think neither me or my husband fully understood how critical Jenson was.
In the last 10 months Jenson has gone from the tiniest thing in the world to a little boy that likes to climb over everything, grab eveything he isnt supposed to have and throwing the mother of all temper tantrums when he gets told off!

But I wouldnt change him for the world and I cant wait to celebrate his 1st birthday and tell everyone how proud of my little boy I am 🙂


3 Responses to "As Jensons 1st Birthday fast approaches"

Hi, we are holding a charity mum and baby show in the spring to raise money for Bliss and we’re looking for stories to share on our blog. I was wondering if you would mind us sharing your story? We will happily link it back to your own blog. We want to do everything we can to raise awareness of this fantastic charity.
Thanks x

Hi there

Oh wow, I would be honored for my story to be shared for your mum and baby show :0) I know I havent updated my blog recently! But Im planning on correcting this! Can you give me more details about the show and what/if anything there is I need to do? If you want to email me on and then we can talk about it properly!

Thanks so much

Hi Emma,

I’m not sure if you got my email or not so I’ll try sending it this way…

Thank you so much for agreeing to help. Every positive story that we can tell will help us to show just how important the work of Bliss is 🙂

The show is set to be the biggest in Suffolk and one of the largest in the region and is being held entirely for Bliss. It will be largely a trade show with plenty of small business stands and helpful information services and support stands and we’re also offering free children’s entertainment so it should be a great event. We’re using the blog to create awareness in the run up to the show and will probably continue with it for future shows. I can’t remember if I sent you the website link or not, but if you want any more information you can find it at .

If you don’t mind we’d really love to have a blog post that says a little about what it was like having a premature baby and how your son is doing now, if would be great if there were a couple of photos included. It can be either a post that you’ve already written or a new one, and we will link our blog back to your own and say that people can visit your blog if they want to read more about your experiences. Just let us know what you’ve decided on and we’ll do the rest 🙂

Thanks again for your help, telling your story really does make a huge difference in helping us to raise funds.

The Newmarket Mum & Baby Show Team

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