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Weigh In Update

Posted on: 01/04/2011

I am now getting Jenson weighed once a month, rather than going every two weeks, it just doesnt seem necessary to take him as often now. I was advised last time we went that Jensons weight gain would now slow down as he was now past the 6 month mark. So we went yesterday for another weigh in, as usual I got there before it opened and the doors opened at 10:00am with a mad rush of mums and they babies trying to get through the door.

No matter how many times Ive done this in the past I ALWAYS seem to be the last one to get my son undressed!! All the other mums have been and gone by the time Jenson is down to his nappy! The task is not much easier with Jenson trying to roll over, grab other babies clothes and kicking me! lol

I finally got him undressed and placed him on the scales, and Jensons weight this month…….

18 POUND 1 OZ!!!!!!

This is fantastic, Im really pleased Jenson is still putting on plenty of weight considering he dropped his lunchtime milk feed about two weeks ago. Eight months on and Jenson is well and truely on his way to catching up! 🙂


3 Responses to "Weigh In Update"

Well done!
And also congratulations on the tooth!
Enjoy your holidays. Hope you’ll have a good time.

Awww thank you Eva, so sorry its been a while since I last posted! Life as a mummy sometimes takes over your life and you just dont have time for everything in the day! lol x

Brilliant that Jensen is catching up so well. Always a relief isn’t it?

I follow you on Twitter but don’t think I’ve visited before so here I am, a fellow Prem Mum saying hi 🙂 xX

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