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I am now getting Jenson weighed once a month, rather than going every two weeks, it just doesnt seem necessary to take him as often now. I was advised last time we went that Jensons weight gain would now slow down as he was now past the 6 month mark. So we went yesterday for another weigh in, as usual I got there before it opened and the doors opened at 10:00am with a mad rush of mums and they babies trying to get through the door.

No matter how many times Ive done this in the past I ALWAYS seem to be the last one to get my son undressed!! All the other mums have been and gone by the time Jenson is down to his nappy! The task is not much easier with Jenson trying to roll over, grab other babies clothes and kicking me! lol

I finally got him undressed and placed him on the scales, and Jensons weight this month…….

18 POUND 1 OZ!!!!!!

This is fantastic, Im really pleased Jenson is still putting on plenty of weight considering he dropped his lunchtime milk feed about two weeks ago. Eight months on and Jenson is well and truely on his way to catching up! 🙂


So after months of dribbling and red cheeks we have this week seen the appearance of teeth in Jensons gums!! Hooray!!!

And its not just one tooth coming through, its two! He now has his two front bottom teeth coming through, and boy do we know it!

Jenson has been really miserable this week, just not his normal happy self, nothing can comfort him and everything seems to irritate him. The theeth coming through have also coincided with Jenson having his first bout of illness 😦

Sunday just gone Jenson started to be sick, and it continued until the Monday. Now he hasnt been sick after feeding since he was about 4 months old so this came as a bit of a shock. In hindsight maybe we took him to the doctors too soon, but there was still the thought at the back of my mind about his prematurity and that anything we should get checked out straightaway!

Thankfully the doctor said that it was just a tummy bug, and to lay off giving Jenson his milk for a day. This was easier said than done! At the moment Jenson is down to only two milk feeds a day, but boy did he get grumpy when he couldnt have any milk! I tried to compensate with more solid food, but I think he was just after the comfort of sucking on the bottle, so I was grateful for the following day when he could have his milk!

We are currently getting ready for our first family holiday, we are all heading down to Devon on Sunday and Im really looking forward to it. Today I shall be spending my time trying to pack Jensons things to take with us, cant wait to buy him a bucket and spade! One concern though, does it matter if Jenson decides that the sand looks tasty and grabs a handful of it??

Washing machine has been on constant for the last few days just so we have enough clothes for little man, its surpising how many items he is getting through at the moment, clothes are constantly covered in either baby food or dribble!

Lets hope we have at least a little bit of sunshine, weather here is so unpredictable!!!

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