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A few thoughts..

Posted on: 15/03/2011

So a few days ago I finally got round to watching the documentary on BBC 2 about babies that are born at 23 weeks gestation, and my god was it emotional for me.

From the very beginning this programme had me in tears, and Im not normally one for crying at things on the television.

Im thankful that Jenson was not born any earlier than what he was, as these poor babies born at 23 weeks have such a difficult time from the moment they are born. I think the reason I found it so emotional was the fact that I could relate to it. Ive gone through the experience of my baby being born and then the baby immediately being rushed to NNU, Ive sat there on the bed straight after the birth worrying if my little boy would survive.

The programme showed you what happens to your little bundle as soon as they have been born, it showed you the no end of tubes that have to be inserted to help keep your baby alive, this was something I hadnt realised what went on, and it shocked me at how much medical intervention there was to keep these little babies alive.

The purpose of this documentary was to discuss if whether or not the money should be spent on trying to keep these 23 week babies alive, as the survival rate is so low. Most babies born at this age are unlikely to survive, and some medical professionals felt that the money would be better spent on other things.

But yet the programme did show that ONE baby born at 23 weeks DID survive, and approximately 5 months after being born she finally got to go home.

Surely this should be the argument FOR spending the money to keep these little babies alive, if ONE baby survives then YES it is worth it!!

My thoughts go out to all those parents who have lost their little bundles of joy x


2 Responses to "A few thoughts.."

Interesting blog. I was born at 22 weeks in 1984. Its amazing to compare my story to other babies born 30 years ago and even now.

Hi, thank you for your comment on my blog, its great for people like yourselves to leave them as it really gives an insight into how many prem babies there are out there!

Wow, 22 weeks! Thats just so early! The documentary that was on UK television a few weeks back focused on babies born at 23 weeks and whether or not it was worth spending the money on trying to keep them alive. You are one of the ones that goes to show it is worth spending the money 🙂

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