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Ohhhh Mummy can I touch your face??

Posted on: 04/03/2011

Jenson now has a strange fasination with touching everyones face, or trying to put his fingers in your mouth! So as well as the blowing raspberrys at everyone he is now insisting on grabbing your face! Well thats one way to greet someone I guess.

On a serious note though his development has really come on since Christmas when he first grabbed out for one of his toys, he really focusses on everything now, and he even recognises his name too! Although at times I think he chooses to pretend he cant hear us saying his name.

Jenson also seems to just be getting longer and longer! The baby walker that we brought him a few weeks ago has really been a success, Jenson absolutely loves being in it as I think he likes the freedome it gives him to wonder about the house, the good thing is that we dont have any carpet at all so he can whizz round the house without any obstacles in his way.

Another thing Jenson seems to be doing at the moment is grabbing his feet the whole time, usually when he is having his nappy changed he chooses to stick his legs in the air whilst grabbing hold of them with his hands. I have no doubt it wont be long till he is trying to put his toes in his mouth!

Since Jenson birth he really has come on really well, Jenson will be 7 months this coming week, and both me and my husband cant believe just how quick this time has gone. It is only now that I realise just how small my little boy was when he was born, at the time I just didnt see how tiny he was, to me he was normal size! But now looking at Jenson standing in his walker and blowing raspberrys at me I really just how small and fragile my little boy was.


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