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Jenson and feeding

Posted on: 04/03/2011

As Jenson reaches the 7 month mark in his little life technically he should be moving onto more lumpy food, however there is one problem with this. Even the smallest lump in his food he will GAG! And if it is that bad all the milk he has drank also comes back up with it 😦

Now he has been on solid food now for about 3 months, Ive managed to get the food slightly thicker and he can just about tolerate this however the first time I tried him on homemade mash and carrot was such an episode! I mashed it up as best I could, trying to make sure there were not any lumps but I obviously didnt do this enough and so with the first mouthful of food Jenson prompt started to gag.

I dont know about you but seeing Jenson gagging on his food is one of the more frightening things! And its made all the more worst as Jensons usually sitting in his highchair, so there is a race to get him unstrapped of his highchair before the milk and food come straight back up!

Ive read somewhere that babies will watch you while your eating to learn how to chew, so in an effort to try and help Jenson Im trying to make sure Jenson so watch me and exaggerating my mouth movements while eating my food! Oh dear if someone saw me they would be rolling on the floor with laughter 🙂

This week we have brought some of the 7+ month baby food, which appears to be a lot lumpier than the 4+ month food that Jenson has been eating, I honestly dont know if Jenson will be able to eat it. Still theres a few days left before he turns 7 months……

I do wonder though that his gagging etc might be something to do with him being 8 weeks early…


1 Response to "Jenson and feeding"

A speech therapist will help you with the gagging, and yes it could be related to his prematurity.

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