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Jensons latest weigh in

Posted on: 18/02/2011

After nearly 4 weeks I decided to get Jenson weighed yesterday. And his latest weight….16 pound 11ozs!!! So at nearly 7 months old he weighs over a stone in weight, long gone are the days where you could pick Jenson up in one hand and he would feel as light as feather.

Yet when I was told his weight yesterday I still felt a little disappointed. I was honest with the Health Visitor and said that I had expected his weight to be a bit more than that, and she advised me that after 6 months a baby’s weight gain actually slows down but that I wasnt to worry as Jenson was still following the blue line in his red book, so everything was perfectly normal.

I think having Jenson would so much weight on within the first few months of his life has contributed to me feeling slight disappointment if his weight isnt as high as expected, to be honest I cant help this. Perhaps its just another one of those things that us Prem Parents have to get our heads round?

Still as long as the medical professionals are happy with his progress then why should I be worried 🙂


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