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Teething makes for a grumpy Jenson

Posted on: 04/02/2011

This week hasnt been the best for Jenson, and its all down to his lovely teeth trying to come through! A happy baby that is normally smiley and chatting away has been turned into an irritable and unhappy little boy 😦

Currently trying everything at the moment to try and ease the pain for him (gone out the window the advice from the medical professionals about being careful on what to give a prem baby!), have tried teething bonjela, teething granules and calpol. The calpol seems to work, but makes him sleep so trying not to give him too much of this.

But the best thing we have found to work for Jenson….chewing on mummy or daddys fingers!!! Nothing else will do, we’ve brought teething rings galore yet he will only chew on these for about 10 seconds and then throw them away in disgust! lol Yet if you give him one of your fingers to chew on he will quite happily sit there for ages sucking on it, dribbling down your hand whilst trying to talk to you at the same time! Of course we can only put up with it for so long because every so often he will bite down hard and even though he has no teeth at the moment, OMG does it hurt! lol

On the recommendation of my mum, I have tried giving Jenson a stick of raw carrot, this seems to do the trick sometimes, as its nice and cold on his gums yet hard enough that it wont break off in his mouth.

Its Baby Club today and Im really hoping Jenson isnt too grumpy that we have to leave half way through!

Guess I will have to wait and see 🙂


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