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NNU follow up

Posted on: 01/02/2011

Today’s meeting at NNU went really well. Have come away and it seems we are looking at setting up a group that will actually meet in the hospital so that we can meet and talk to the parents who currently have babies on the ward and we are also looking at setting a group up outside of NNU, when the little babies are discharged. This means all us new parents in our area will have somewhere to go once our little ones have been discharged.

This meeting I think was a huge success and I really hope I can help other mums and dads who are going through and have been through the same experience.

In a bizarre coincidence the nurse that was in the meeting was one of the ones that looked after Jenson when he was in NNU. It was lovely to see her again and tell her how well Jenson is doing, it gave me a chance to show her how big he has gotten and she was amazed.

Im eager and ready to go with this now!! Best get my CRB check done!!


3 Responses to "NNU follow up"

I would like to connect with you to provide information on follow-up
after leaving NICU or NNU. I have a website where parents can connect via webcam with any questions they may have. I also provide HUG YOUR BABY one on one classes, postpartum depression screening and assessment, developmental delay observation.

Thank You,
Pamela Mckimie, DCP(AAIM)
Diplomate College of Physicians (AAIM)

Hi Emma,

glad the meeting went well. I’m sure you’ll make a difference to many parents. I found this website,about a mum who had premature triplets, and I found this article very interesting


Hi Eva

Thanks for the website recommendation, Ill take a look at it later 🙂


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