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The house that we live in overlooks quite a busy road, and always has lots of traffic moving along it. And every day just so Jenson has a new view I take him to one of the upstairs windows and we look out at the world below.

And would you believe Jenson is fasinated by the cars moving outside, he can sit there for ages just staring!

I wonder if he is going to take after his namesake???


So a few weeks back I was pottering away on Twitter, and one of my fellow tweeters said that they were hosting a Blog Carnival, it was a way of promoting your blog to everyone. All I had to do was send a link to one of my recent posts and I would be entered into the Blog Carnival. So I oblidged, and having just checked my emails I have had a very nice mention on their website πŸ™‚

The link is

Please take a look at their website and the about link readers πŸ™‚

At the beginning of the week I told you all that we would be dropping Jensons 10:30pm feed and that I was somewhat nervous about this.

I am pleased to let you know that this has been a huge success! Jenson is still sleeping through the night and seems to be eating a lot more during the day now to make up for this last feed being dropped.

So at 6 1/2 months old Jenson is doing really well with his feeding and sleeping through the night.

Very proud of my little boy πŸ™‚

One thing that is bothering me at the moment is the fact that my little boy has quite a flat head at the back, particularly his left hand side.

He has had this since coming out of hospital a little over 6 months ago, before he was born I had been aware of baby’s developing a flat head because of the large lengths of time they spend on their backs sleeping. But the thing is it doesnt bother me until someone mentions it!

At Jensons last hospital appointment in December 2010 both me and my husband mentioned our concerns about Jensons flat head and the Consultant reassured us that as Jensons brain grew in size that his skull would basically “pop out”. He told us that the front of his skull at the moment has a gap which by the time he is roughly 2 years old should be closing, so in essence Jensons head still had a lot of time to “grow” into a normal shape. I came away from this appointment not as stressed about this as I had been and since then I hadnt worried to much about his head, that was until I went to Baby Club a few weeks back and one of the ladies there mentioned it.

Now I know she only meant well and told me that if it was her that she wouldnt be worried about it just yet, but it still upset me. I had honestly thought his head was actually starting to look better, in fact it looks as though it is starting to pop out, but then for someone to mention it and say it is a bit flat I feel kind of deflated 😦

So now of course Im worrying about it all over again, will Jensons head pop out before he reaches 2 years old?? Ive heard that it can sometimes affect their development which is the last thing Jenson needs as he already has the disadvantage of being 2 months behind other babies of the same age.

I decided to mention it yet again to the Health Visitor at weigh in yesterday, and she asked me when Jensons next hospital appointment was, which is in 3 months time. Again she reiterated that his skull would not go hard until he was actually 2 1/2 years old so there was still plenty of time. She also said that in the 3 months until Jensons next hospital appointment that his head would change shape between now and then just because he would now be starting to roll over more and try to sit up, which would mean he wouldnt be on his back so much. The Health Visitor told me that when babies are born whether they be full term or prem that their skulls are soft, but in particular prem babies skulls are much more softer because of being born so early. So in fact flat heads are VERY common in prem babies.

I have my fingers crossed that we see some sort of change between now and his hospital appointment.

But how long do I have to wait until the medical professionals actually start worrying about this???

After nearly 4 weeks I decided to get Jenson weighed yesterday. And his latest weight….16 pound 11ozs!!! So at nearly 7 months old he weighs over a stone in weight, long gone are the days where you could pick Jenson up in one hand and he would feel as light as feather.

Yet when I was told his weight yesterday I still felt a little disappointed. I was honest with the Health Visitor and said that I had expected his weight to be a bit more than that, and she advised me that after 6 months a baby’s weight gain actually slows down but that I wasnt to worry as Jenson was still following the blue line in his red book, so everything was perfectly normal.

I think having Jenson would so much weight on within the first few months of his life has contributed to me feeling slight disappointment if his weight isnt as high as expected, to be honest I cant help this. Perhaps its just another one of those things that us Prem Parents have to get our heads round?

Still as long as the medical professionals are happy with his progress then why should I be worried πŸ™‚

I almost forgot!


So tonight me and the hubby have agreed that we will drop Jensons 10:30pm feed… I have my fingers crossed that he will still sleep through the night, but I dread to think what time he will wake up in the morning!! At the moment he is really good and doesnt wake up until about 8:00am every morning, so not too early!

Dropping this feed has coincided with us also upping his solid food intake throughout the day, so Im hoping that it balances out, so at 6 1/2 months old the big test comes as to whether or not Jenson will STILL go through the night without this last feed.

Dont get me wrong we havent not spoken to health professionals before doing this. But to be honest the answers were all mixed, Health Visitor advised to keep giving him the 10:30pm feed until he was a year old and yet others have said do it when you feel it is right. I read somewhere that babies start to sleep through the night once they start taking in enough calories during the day, we were lucky enough that Jenson started sleeping through the night at 3 months old, so Im hoping that with this feed dropped that he still has enough calories to take him through the night. Guess we wont know until we try it!

Wish us luck! πŸ™‚

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