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Today Jenson has mostly……

Posted on: 29/01/2011

Today Jenson has decided that absolutely everything must go in his mouth! Including nannies fingers!

This week Jenson seems to be well and truely teething, every morning he has woken up with bright red rosy cheeks and his fingers shoved in his mouth. Nothing seems to escape Jensons mouth at the moment. Every toy he can lay his hands on goes straight towards his open mouth.

Now that Jenson has well and truely managed to get the hang of grabbing things this weeks he seems to be concentrating on it more, he is picking items up with more precision now and not by just pure luck. He seems to know what is in his hands now and follows it wherever his hand leads what ever is in it.

Another thing that Jenson has been up to today is making LOTS of noise. He seems to have found his voice and as a result is constantly making no end of unusual noises, he constantly thinks that you are talking to him and so chats back to you.

I do wonder what goes on in his little head sometimes 🙂


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