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Im so upset Mummy :(

Posted on: 28/01/2011

This morning me and my husband were woken up at 6:30am with the sound of Jenson screaming. Im sure any parent would agree that this can be one of the most frightening things to hear coming from your child.

I was up first and ran through to Jensons rooms, and found him still half asleep but screaming in his sleep. It seems he was having another nightmare, something that is becoming all too frequent at the moment.

We try not to wake him when he is like this as you are always advised not to wake someone that is in such a deep sleep. But Jenson just continued to cry and so in the end I had to pick him up to calm him. The poor little mite, he had tears streaming down his face and was visible shaken by his nightmare.

Once he had calmed down I placed him back in his cot, and he was all smiles again, the nightmare obviously forgotten.

I made my way back to my own bed, and spent the next half hour listening to Jenson talk to himself down the monitor whilst playing with his cot toys!


2 Responses to "Im so upset Mummy :("

This is great. I just read your blog to see what’s on the horizon for our kids. Nightmares, wonderful.

You might be lucky and your kids might not have them 🙂 The random screaming in the night started about a month ago, its not every night at the moment which Im grateful for. This week Jenson has been pretty bad with his teeth though, bright red cheeks most days. And everything is going in his mouth! Gave him a teetha ring at lunchtime and he made himself gag cause he shoved it in his mouth so much! Oh dear..

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