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Mummy why am I up so high??

Posted on: 26/01/2011

Now that Jenson is well and truely eating solids (yes I know that doctors and nurses would tell me off for this! As techinically Jensons corrected age is 3 months!) I thought it was about time to get Jenson a proper high chair.

I was using his bouncy chair to feed him his solids, which he seemed to enjoy as it meant he could see me while eating. I had read somewhere that making the whole eating experience fun would mean your child would enjoy eating and consequently eat more. This seems to work as me talking to Jenson encourages him to open his mouth which gives me the ideal opportunity to put the spoon in his mouth without him realising! lol

As yet he doesnt know how to hold the spoon or pick anything up but I know that this will come with time, perhaps this will be another thing that he is slightly delayed at?

So yesterday was his first opportunity to try out his new chair, and when I put him in it he looked at me as if to say “Well this is new, why Im I up so high?”. The poor boy looked so tiny in the chair, and kept slipping down the chair (he was strapped in I must point out!). Still, he will no doubt grow into it by the time he is a year old!

On a good note I was pleased with my purchase, the high chair that I brought I got half price, so paid £35.00 for it, BARGAIN! 🙂


2 Responses to "Mummy why am I up so high??"

Hi, I think my twins must be similar age to Jenson. Esther and William were 6 months actual on 24th Jan and are 3 months adjusted. We have just started weaning too and our highchairs should arrive anyday. Good luck with it all x

Jenson will be 6 months old on the 6th February, but in fact because of him being 8 weeks early then he should really be only 4 months old. Jenson is loving his highchair, his new trick at the moment is to try and talk to you with a mouth full of food! Very messy indeed! lol

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