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Baby Massage – Isnt this meant to relax you Jenson??

Posted on: 22/01/2011

Yesterday was Baby Club day, and as usual there was only me and Jenson and one other mum there with her little boy, but alas this did not matter as both Jenson and the other little boy were quite happily talking to eachother.

The ladies that run the club told us that today we would be doing a bit of baby massage, I thought great, Jenson will love this. However I completely forgot that now Jenson has figured out how to roll over onto his side, he is now doing this constantly, and so my efforts of massaging him were in vain! lol

Of course Jenson just thought it was all a game, so the more I pulled him back onto his back the more he rolled onto his side! lol He was clearly not relaxing and I was just in hysterics.

Even though he did move around alot I believe baby massage is a really great activity to do with your baby, it really helps you to both bond together and of course your baby likes it because you are giving him/her lots of attention.

Maybe Ill have to try the massage again at same point when Jenson isny so distracted! 🙂


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