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Feeding issues

Posted on: 16/01/2011

This week Jenson has gotten really funny with his feeding! Making it more difficult to get him to drink his milk.

I think the reason for this is partly due to his gums hurting because of those horrible teeth coming through and also because he has started to now eat more solids he is going off his milk!

At the start of the week it was stressing me out, as its really important for him to drink his milk as it is what is helping him to “catch up”. I was of the view that if he doesnt drink his milk he wont put on the weight and in turn it will mean his “catching up” will slow down! Ive got to convince myself to get out of this mentality really, it was important when he was in hospital for him to drink ALL his milk at certain times but now that he is at home it isnt such a big deal, something Im struggling to get my head round at the moment. I think as long as he is drinking the formula prescribed by the hospital Im still going to think he needs to drink a set amount 😦 I must tell myself to stop thinking like this!

However always the voice of reason my hubby said to try and change the way we were feeding him, so now Jenson will have a smaller amount of milk and some solids in the morning, then about an hour later we will make up another smaller amount of milk and see if Jenson wants it. That way Jenson is still getting the same amount of milk just in smaller doses and then this is repeated throughout the whole day. It seems to be working at the moment. Perhaps Jenson is just going through a stage at the moment, maybe his growth has slowed down this week and so in turn he doesnt want as much food?

Guess we shall see if this idea has worked when I take him to be weighed on Thursday!!


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