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Story Time at Baby Club

Posted on: 14/01/2011

Today at Baby Club we had a speaker come in from the local library to talk to us about reading with our children and that even when your child is a small baby how it is good to read stories to them.

I found this session quite helpful and Jenson was very much intent on listening when the speaker started to read Spot the Dog. Which was quite surprising really, I hadnt really thought that Jenson would actually sit on my lap and listen, but he did!

There is another mum that comes along to the club, whose son is a month younger than Jenson (although technically her son is older as Jenson’s corrected age is 3 months). Her son I havent seen since before Christmas and he has grown so much! He is the same size and length as Jenson, again making me realise just how far behind Jenson is for his age.

One thing at the moment that Jenson hasnt got the hang of is lifting his head up when he is on his tummy. He is very lazy in this respect, and after 5 minutes of tummy time he is getting that angry and red in the face that I have to pick him up! He can only just ever so slightly life his head up off the ground, he then gives up and sucks the life out of whatever he is laying on! lol

The other little boy that was there has obviously been practicing his lifting his head technique, as as soon as his mum put him on his tummy, he has his head straight up looking at Jenson struggling! He was obviously wondering why on earth Jenson was finding it so difficult!

I think its only now that Jenson is starting to actually do things that I am realising just how far behind Jenson still is development wise. On a positive note though I do not think he is 8 weeks behind, he is probably more 4 weeks behind at the moment.

Im hoping going to the Baby Club and socialising with the other babies it will help his development.

Fingers crossed!


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