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Can a baby have nightmares?

Posted on: 12/01/2011

Over the last couple of weeks Jenson seems to be waking up during the night or in the early morning, whimpering and sometimes even full out crying. Which has led me to question whether or not Jenson is capable of having nightmares at his age?

Just this morning at around 5:00am, he was whimpering in his sleep. My husband went through to settle him and although Jenson smiled at his Daddy, you could tell something at bothered him.

You would think that a 5 month old wouldnt be able to have nightmares as all their day consists of at the moment is eating, playing and sleeping.

So what else can we put it down to? Any views on this by my readers would be great 🙂


5 Responses to "Can a baby have nightmares?"

I would think it’s more likely that he’s teething than nightmares… My DS stills waking up crying and I blame teething.
Good luck

William sometimes screams as he wakes and cries hard til he opens his eyes then he is all smiles. Can be very unnerving and I wonder if it is nightmares too???

Same thing with Jenson, yet again this morning we had another screaming episode. Hope he gets over it soon as it isnt nice to see him like that 😦

It could be night terrors/confusional arousal. I’ve found that teething pain, even if its only mild and there are no teeth yet can contribute to it.

Unfortunately I have become an expert on night terrors and confusional arousal, we had months of it which coincided with Joseph getting his teeth, but it was horrendous at the time.

Joseph also could go from hysterical screaming to giggling, and then sleep crawling. It’s settled down now thankfully!

This is interesting, thank you for your advice 🙂 I do believe that Jenson is teething at the moment although none of come through as of yet. I had thought that the two might be linked. Thankfully I havent had the sleep crawling yet!

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