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I can see everything now Mummy!

Posted on: 11/01/2011

This weekend saw Jenson take another big step in his development.

He has now gone from his lay down carry cot that goes on the pushchair to the proper sitting up pushchair part! Yes the pushchair says all over it now to be used until your child is 6 months old, but they dont seem to take into consideration if your child is exceptionally long!!

So at 5 months old and because of taking after his Daddy height wise Jenson is now being a very big boy and is sitting in his proper pushchair.

So far we have taken two trips to the local Tescos store, now with the laydown carry cot that he used to go in as soon as we started walking he would drift off to sleep, but now that he is sitting up and can see everything he is staying awake the whole walk, with eyes as big as saucers!

Jenson is a very nosey little boy and likes to see everything and look at everyone, so Tescos is a great opportunity for him to stare at everyone! lol

Im waiting for the moment that some stranger comes up to us and asks me how old he is etc, and Jenson just stares and blows raspberrys at them! I just know its going to happen at some point! Now how do I explain that?! lol


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