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Only Jenson and Me

Posted on: 07/01/2011

Baby Club today was a bit lonely, there was only me and Jenson that turned up today! So with just me and Jenson and the two ladies that run the club Jenson got lots of attention!

Jenson even allowed one of the club leaders to have a hold, he was quite happy sitting on her lap and smiling at her while she talked to him.

On a good note it was nice to be the only ones there today, I had a good chat with the two leaders about various things that Jenson is doing and what he should be doing for his age.

It was nice to actually speak to adults for a change rather than speak baby talk!

Next week at Baby Club we are meant to be having a speaker come in to talk to us about reading to our babies. Hopefully more mums will turn up next time!


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