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Jensons teething troubles

Posted on: 07/01/2011

Well it looks as though Jenson is well and truely teething now!

Every day he dribbles that much that I swear other people think I have just dumped him in a bucket of water fully clothed!

The poor little mite though, its obviously causing him some discomfort as when he is taking his naps he starts to cry in his sleep 😦

To try to alleviate the pain I am using Teething Granules, which was recommended by my sister in law. One of the few products where it doesnt say “except premature babies”!, and this seems to be helping somewhat.

We have brought a teething ring but it is rendered useless at the moment as Jenson hasnt figured out that if he is holding it he should be able to put it into his mouth, so if he wants to use it I have to sit there holding it for him.

Lets hope it doesnt get too bad for Jenson.


3 Responses to "Jensons teething troubles"

It appears as though little Jenson is having quite the time these days. Nice to see preemie becomes normal eventually.

I admit it does seem it has taken a long time coming, now I dont see him as being a premature baby, he just seems like any other normal full term baby now. The first I think 3 to 3 1/2 months Jenson seemed so much more smaller than the rest of the babies around him, but he seems to have grown alot over the last 2 months, I think all in part to the formula he is on. He is currently drinking SMA Gold Prem 2, which apparantly has extra calories and vitamins in for Prem babies, it seems to be working!

Oh… teething! It’s terrible. My sympathies – mine is also going through the same. I found that the boots’ teething gel helped a little bit.
Glad that he’s becoming a big boy! 🙂


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