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Christmas 2010 – A few firsts for Jenson

Posted on: 06/01/2011

Jensons first Christmas was a very enjoyable day. It was spent at home with just the three of us which is something of a rarity at Christmas, as in previous years all we seemed to do was go to everyones elses and Christmas just seemed to pass by in a rush and before we knew it it was all over, so this year we told everyone we would be staying at home.

So Christmas morning Jenson woke up at his usual time of 8:00am and we all wondered downstairs and found that Santa had come to visit!

Jenson had a stack of presents by the fireplace, but of course all he was interested in at that point was where his breakfast was! So I fed Jenson his milk (now 7ozs) and as a Christmas treat we thought we would try Jenson on his first solids, baby museli in fact. Now I know all the medical practicioners advise not to feed solids until 6 months and I know what we have done goes against everything but we felt that Jenson was ready for this, besides everything that Jenson has done since day one has always been one step ahead of what it has meant to be. And Im pleased to report that Jenson loved the museli and ate all of it!

After breakfast Jenson then went up for a nap (Christmas presents still yet to be unwrapped!), and me and my husband opened our presents to each other, once opened my husband then made us a lovely cooked breakfast, at which point just as we were about to sit down Jenson must have smelt the food and decided to wake up. Once breakfast was done we all went back into the living room and sat down with Jenson and started to unwrap his presents. Now the present unwrapping must have taken a good few hours what with Jenson getting bored of sitting down, then getting hungry again etc etc. But we eventually got them all unwrapped and we then spent the next hour playing with all the new toys.

As a Christmas present to us Jenson thought he would show us a few tricks!

Christmas Day Jenson properly giggled for the first time, this was something I have wanted him to do for a while but just didnt know when it would come, so at nearly 5 months old Jenson now has a very cheeky laugh which you cant help but giggle back at, which in turn makes him giggle even more!

Christmas was also when Jenson decided he had had enough of laying on his back all the time and thought he would show us how he can roll to one side, a sure sign that he will soon be on the move!! At the moment Jensons new trick is to lay on his play mat and dig in his feet and kick which in turn pushes him backwards! Dont think he quite has the idea of crawling right yet.

And lastly his trick that we are most proud of is the fact that he can now grab and hold things!! Since Jenson has learnt how to do this everything is going into his mouth, the new rabbit rattle he got from Nanny for Christmas is definately taking a good chewing at the moment!

Jenson turns 5 months old today and I am so pleased at the progress he seems to be making. I do not know if what he is doing is in line with other 5 month old babies, or if he is slightly behind on these things. Perhaps some of my readers could enlighten me?


1 Response to "Christmas 2010 – A few firsts for Jenson"

Bless him! I can’t really remember what my baby was doing when he was 5 months old… But if you are happy with his progress and feel that he’s on the right direction that is what matters. 🙂


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