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2010 The year our precious boy came into the world

Posted on: 06/01/2011

So when the New Year rolled in last weekend it gave me a chance to sit back and really think about the events of 2010, and made me realise just how lucky me and my husband are to have Jenson in our lifes.

The fact that this time last year I didnt even know I was pregnant, and neither me or my husband knew just how tough 2010 would be for us, nothing could have prepared us for the events that were about to unfold in front of us.

Im proud to say though that we have definately learnt from last year, and personally I feel having Jenson in our lifes has brought me and my husband closer.

At the time when Jenson was born I felt like the only new mum going through such a tough experience, but in the 5 months that Jenson has been here Ive come to realise that Im not the only one and that it really does help to talk to others in the same situation.

Jenson really has come along in leaps and bounds, I know I keep repeating myself in my blogs, but I still feel that every new thing that he does is now a step closer to him catching up with all the other babies that are 5 months old.

So this post is dedicated to my precious boy, Jenson. You, little one are a miracle. You have no idea how happy you have made both me and your Daddy, and we both feel so very lucky to have you in our lifes. Looking back on photographs taken when you were in hospital it makes me realise just how small and fragile you were, and it breaks my heart to see you so small and not fully understanding why all these needles and tubes are in you. I am so very proud of you Jenson, you have proved to be a fighter and are now growing up to be a very cheeky little boy. I thank you for the joy and happiness that you give me every day and Im so very thankful that you were born a healthy little boy. Im looking forward to 2011 where I know you will change so much. I look forward to your first words, your first steps and especially to your first birthday. You are my world Jenson x


2 Responses to "2010 The year our precious boy came into the world"

Lovely post!
Definitely 2010 was also a very special year for us. It’s amazing to see how the babies have achieved so many things! Congratulations to Jenson


Awww thank you Eva 🙂

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