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Ever tried pushing a pushchair in the snow???

Posted on: 22/12/2010

Yesterday I made the fatal mistake of walking to Tescos with Jenson tucked up in his pushchair…what would normally take about 20 minutes took me in total 2 hours to get back home!!!!

My decision for walking I thought was a good one, I didnt want to drive in the car and risk the car sliding on black ice so thought we would be safer walking to the shops. In hindsight it was safer but Jenson must have thought he was on a rollercoaster the amount the pushchair was bouncing up and down!

One good thing though, it was certainly a workout for me! My arms were literally falling off by the time I got back through my front door.

Of course going to Tescos this week is a bit of a nightmare anyway as for some reason everyone leaves it till the last few days before Christmas to buy everything for Christmas Day. So even though I took about 20 minutes collecting my items on my shopping list, I then spent about 45 minutes queuing to pay for my items! At least Jenson was asleep the whole time!

And of course all of the women in the queue wanted a peek at Jenson, no end of times at the moment they ask how old he is, and I either get the response “He is so small” or “Really?” and then I have to explain why he is small. I dont mind really, one of the things I like doing is talking about my little boy. I always start off my sentence saying that he is a special little boy, because to me he is. Already this year he has been through so much, and to have him here at Christmas is the best thing in the world.

So next time I dont think Ill be pushing the pushchair to Tescos! Too much hard work! lol


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