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Have just found this lovely letter on the internet entitled Letter to our Miracle Baby – just had to share it with you all, sums up the whole experience..

Posted on: 17/12/2010

My Dear Precious Baby,

You have made it through your first year and look how far you have come. You are smiling, giggling and playing all the time. Your eyes become so wide with the excitement of a new toy, a new snack or when Mommy and Daddy enter your room. You pick up your arms now, letting us know when you want to be held. You jump up and down when you want to get out of your crib. You crawl under the kitchen table and hide, as we pretend not to see you. Yet, you don’t realize how special you really are and how much you mean to us.

You see baby, all those little things you do are small miracles. Miracles that happen every single day as you grow older. You entered this world too early, way too early. You were small and delicate. We saw tiny veins under your skin that pumped your will and determination unto your heart. Your hand went right through your daddy’s wedding ring like a silver bracelet. Your doctors told us to pray, and we did. Your doctors told us hope but not to expect too much, we hoped but expected everything from you. Your doctors also told us to be realistic, but you were finally a reality, and no longer a dream.

You see baby, we prayed for you before you came. We hoped for you before we knew we were expecting you, and the reality of you was far away in our dreams, until the day your were born. So, daddy and I stood with you everyday, we touched your fragile skin and held your tiny hands. We anticipated your first breath or to hear your first cry. Everyday, you fought to live, everyday we hoped you did.

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned into months…and then we knew you were not giving up without a fight. We knew then, that you were going to make your mark in this world. One day, we were finally able to hold you, and once in our arms you cried, then we cried. Another day, you pooped all over the incubator, and the nurse told us you were going to be trouble. A couple days later, you were breathing on your own. You then learned how to eat as you took the bottle for the first time. You made a mess, and well, you still have not grown out of that yet. Three months later, you came home. You then metamorphosed into an ear- piercing screaming, poopy dropping, hunger-frenzied baby. You came home and took over.

So, you see baby, you are a fighter, you have heart, and you made a mark in this world and in our lives. You have surpassed our hopes and our dreams. You have given us the opportunity to love you and love you even more with each passing day. You make us laugh; you make us act silly. You make us see the world new again and experience it for the first time, and for that we thank you.

You are our miracle baby, and we love you.

Love Mommy and Daddy

This really brought a tear to my eye, and sums up everything that me and my husband went through in the beginning.


7 Responses to "Have just found this lovely letter on the internet entitled Letter to our Miracle Baby – just had to share it with you all, sums up the whole experience.."

Thank you so much for posting this letter I was so moved that I just had to share it with other Twitter users.

All life is a miracle it is just that some miracles reach out and touch others in an unexpected way.

Hi Sue

Thank you for leaving your kind comment. It is a very moving letter and certainly brings a tear to your eye. Your website prem2pram is brilliant! I wish Id found your site a few months back when we were struggling to find clothes to fit Jenson. Hope you dont mind but Im going to post your web address on my blog, in the hopes that my readers will take a look at your site too 🙂

Hi Emma,

Thank you for offering to share my website address with your readers, I hope it will help reach lots of parents and family members of premature babies and that they will find something suitable for their little ones.


Hi Sue

Not a problem 🙂


Oh dear… my eyes are watery! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

How is the little one?

Hi Eva

Your very welcome Eva, as Ive said before its definately a letter that I felt should be shared with all my readers.

Jenson is doing very well thanks, everything is going in his mouth at the moment and he is constantly dribbling! lol

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year 🙂

Emma x

This says everything about our experience too. How lucky I am right now to be feeding my little miracles x

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