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Weigh in for Jenson!

Posted on: 12/12/2010

Thursday of this week was Jensons trip to the local doctors to get weighed. As is normal in our household, me and my husband take a guess at how much Jenson will weigh this time. The last couple of times Jenson has been weighed we’ve been slightly disappointed as he hadnt put on as much weight as we had hoped.

To be honest I think the reason we have been disappointed is because since he has been born and probably up until a month and a half ago Jensons weight gain was pretty good, putting on at least 2 pounds every couple of weeks, obviously the high calorie prem formula was doing its job! But then over the last month his weight gain has slowed down but Ive been assured by the health visitors that his weight is still good and Jenson is still following that blue line on his chart in his little red book.

One thought that had crossed our minds for the reason his weight wasnt going up so quick now was maybe his body had decided “Ive caught up, now Im slowing down!”. Jenson has done a hell of a lot of growing in the last 4 months so he must be coming to a stage where its slowing down somewhat, who knows? Its only guess work and Im happy so long as he is putting on weight.

So Thursday came and as normal me and the husband put in our guesses, we had aimed high this time as Jenson hadnt been weighed for nearly 3 weeks, he’d missed last weeks weigh because of having his injections that week.

Now at Jensons last weigh in he came in at a huge 11 pound 2oz, so we were both really hoping that he was at least over 13pound.

I arrived at the doctors nice and early, they werent even open yet! I like to get there early as it means we are often first in the queue, as if you leave it any later it gets so busy! It ends up being a bit like a conveyer belt at the supermarket!

The doors opened at 10:00am and a walked through and got Jenson undressed, nothing bothers Jenson at all, he was wide awake and staring at the babys next to him, wondering what all the fess was about. So with everything off (including the nappy! Ive always got my fingers crossed that he doesnt decide to pee at this point! Luckily he hasnt yet!) I placed Jenson on the scales, and for some unknown reason Jenson decided he didnt quite like this idea and started to panic! I was just willing the scales to hurry up at this point, Jenson obviously wasnt keen.

The scales finally settled on a weight and I picked Jenson up and quickly got him dressed.

Once dressed I sat down with Jenson and the health visitor came over and announced that Jensons weight was now…………………………..

13 pound 5 oz!!!!!!!

I was so pleased! I gave Jenson a big cuddle at being such a clever boy, its just such a good feeling to know that he is still putting on his weight and getting that much bigger. It still feels like such a huge achievement considering how small Jenson started out at, in the four months he has been in my life he has managed to put on nearly 10 pound.

Its funny over the last couple of days Ive taken to going through the photographs that have been taken of Jenson over the last 4 months, and its amazing to see how much he has changed and how much bigger he has got, I feel very proud of my little boy.

Lets hope the next weigh in proves just as good as this one was!


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