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11 December 10 – Jensons first night out

Posted on: 12/12/2010

Yesterday evening for both me and Jenson was quite a big deal, it was the first night we would all be going out to a family celebration.

The reason it was such a big deal was because firstly I had to plan everything in the afternoon to ensure that we were all ready on time and that we had everything we needed, for that Just In Case scenario!

Going out of the house is like a military operation now! Before closing our front door me and my husband go through a checklist of everything to make sure its been packed. Nappies: check, wipes: check, bottles: check, formula: check, spare clothes for Jenson: check and the list goes on.

So yesterday was no different, I made sure I had everything packed in the changing bag, that Jensons clothes that he would be wearing were out and that my outfit was ready.

My one concern about attending the family celebration was that Jenson didnt cry during the ceremony. I was just willing him to be a good boy! The ceremony would be taking place round about the same time as Jensons last feed before going to bed, so I knew this wasnt going to be an easy task for him to stay awake around this time and not be miserable! Im not sure about other mums, but for me I like to plan outings and trips for inbetween his feed times. It just feels more comfortable being at home with everything to hand! Especially if you dont know if your little one is going to bring up all that milk that youve just made them drink!!

So with all of us ready and Jensons things packed into the car, we closed the front door and made our way to the venue. Jenson thankfully slept on the way there, which meant when we arrived at the venue he was in a good mood!

The ceremony was due to start at 6:00pm, so we all took a seat and I had Jenson on my lap, he looked very smart in his jeans, shirt and tie! Like a mini me of Daddy!

And Jenson was such a good boy, he didnt cry once, just had a few murmurs whilst happily sucking on his tie or his hand whichever he could fit into his mouth.

So with the ceremony over, the tables were moved into the room and we started to prepare Jensons next feed. Right on cue he started to give out a cry, and then started to get louder and louder and louder!!

For some unknown reason Jenson really worked himself up at this point, and was getting really upset, which is not like him at all. He will normally give out a little cry when he is hungry but nothing like on the scale of what he was doing at this point. With his bottle prepared my husband started to feed Jenson, but Jenson wasnt having any of it and just started crying again! We couldnt understand it, Jenson has never been like this before, and it seemed that anything my husband done could not calm Jenson down.

I offered to take Jenson from my husband and said Id try to feed him. So with Jenson on my lap, and still crying, I spoke to him softly and calmly and it seemed to work. I managed to get Jenson to feed from his bottle and he ended up taking about 5ozs.

After having his milk he seemed slightly calmer but was still giving out a few crys which usually means he is tired, now normally at home we have a set routine. Feed, get ready for bed and then bedtime with classical music playing, which send him off to sleep. Of course last night we didnt have this, we couldnt get him changed, there was really loud background noise and Jenson was trying to sleep in his carry cot of his pushchair. My husband managed to find a quieter spot in the venue and gently rocked Jenson to sleep, I think it must have taken him about 40mins to get Jenson to doze off.

My husband brought him back through to where I was, and thankfully Jenson slept for at least an hour which when he woke up must have done him the world of good as he was back to his normal smiley self. Although it must have been strange for him as he would normally have been in the land of nod back home.

We decided shortly after 9:00pm to head back home, as the whole being away from home/out of his routine was making Jenson pretty unhappy. Yes we may have been party poopers last night, but thats what happens when you have a four month old baby, you cant still expect to stay out till late and have a happy baby, they just dont go!

When we got home, Jenson was back to his normal calm self and was grateful to be back in his own bed. We didnt hear another murmur from him until this morning.

So last nights outing has certainly taught us a few things about Jenson. One he likes to be kept in his routine, anything out of the normal then it upsets him and two, he doesnt like loud background noise. Although me and my husband enjoyed the night out and celebrating with family members, it was a somewhat stressful night and I think we were both just grateful to get home and relax again.

Now im not sure if every baby is like this, or if its just a prem baby thing? Feel free to share your views on this post! 🙂


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