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6 December 10 – Oh dear, Oh dear I spoke too soon!

Posted on: 06/12/2010

Firstly, apologies to all my readers for the delay on my next post, the weekend was a busy one and harder work than normal.

In my last post I told you all that Jenson seemed to be coping well after his injections on Thursday, well I think I may have spoken too soon because since then Jenson just hasnt been himself. He has slept alot but has also cried ALOT, which is not like him at all. For some reason he tends to get worse in the afternoons as well.

Now Friday he seemed to be coping well, just sleeping a fair bit more but he was geniunely happy in himself. Saturday though the effects of the injections must have it him. Due to the weather my husbands footie match had been called off so we decided to go to Milton Keynes to do a bit of shopping. Took everything that we needed with us – nappies, wipse, cream, bottles, formula, bibs etc, wrapped Jenson up in his lovely warm cardigan and gloves and he even wore his new stripy beanie hat that nanny had brought him too (he looked simply adorable in it).

The first 30 minutes round MK was going well and then Jenson started to get miserable, thinking he needed changing my husband went and changed his nappy, nope it wasnt that making him unhappy. So next we tried feeding him, Jenson took about 4 ozs and refused to eat anymore. This seemed to perk him up a bit, so we put him back in his pushchair so he could sleep. But no he didnt want to sleep and almost every 30 minutes he was crying. There was simply nothing we could do to calm him, so we gave up trying to look in the shops and made the decision to come home.

Now on Sunday I had hoped that Jenson would be feeling better as we were attending a family meal at one of the local restaurants just a short walk from where we live. It was quite a big deal as it was a family members 90th birthday and there would be a fair number of family members there that hadnt yet seen Jenson.

The walk to the restaurant went well, Jenson fell asleep on the way there. We got to the restaurant and Jenson woke up, and was fine for the first few hours, he loved all the attention he was getting and was busily smiling and laughing at anyone paying him attention. After a while Jenson grew tired of this and started to grumble so we attempted to feed him. Over an hour later he had only just finished eating, not even completing his bottle! Still better than him not taking anything at all.

At this point all the attention he had been getting had obviously tired him out as he fell asleep shortly after feeding. Which as good timing as our food had just been put in front of us. My husband and me managed to finish our meal before Jenson woke up, and again he started to get grotty and generally not himself.

Jenson would start to cry which would then set off the other babies that were in the restaurant!! He gradually started to get louder and louder and we made the decision to take him home, as he obviously wasnt happy being there in the restaurant, perhaps it was just too much noise for him??

And then we come to today. Jenson was absolutlely fine this morning, but this afternoon he has been miserable yet again. No matter what I have done it just isnt the right thing, and he has thrown some proper temper tantrums at me and my husband.

We both cant help thinking that it isnt just his injections that have made him this way, does the effects of them really last this long?? Or could it be that we think he is teething already???

Technically Jenson shouldnt be teething yet as at the moment his corrected age is just over 2 months, but yet he is dribbling ALOT and is constantly sucking his hand and yesterday he had lovely rosy cheeks. Could it be the combination of his injections and possible teething that is making him so miserable??

All the books and information that you read on premature babies tells you that a premature baby will always be behind on their development, and will be playing catchup until they are a year old.

But seeing as Jenson started life as not going by the rulebooks then it might just be possible that my little boy may have teeth coming through!

Lets hope tomorrow is a better day for him.


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