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3 December 10 – The day after injections

Posted on: 03/12/2010

So yesterday, with the snow falling over our county, Jenson was taken by his Daddy to the doctors to have his third lot of injections. I woke up yesterday morning planning on joining them but had one of my dizzy spells so I was ordered to stay home.

I felt somewhat guilty watching the car pull off the driveway, guilt because I wouldnt be there when Jenson had his injections. So to take my mind off things I started the housework, but I couldnt help looking at the clock and saying to myself “Jenson would have just had his injections”.

I know that for most children and babies having injections isnt such a big deal, but the last two bouts of injections Jenson has had has made him grotty and poorly. And the scream that he gives out in the afternoon of the same day he has had them is heartbreaking, all I can do is cuddle him and rock him till he falls to sleep and hope that when he walks up he isnt in as much pain.

So yesterday we were prepared for the worse. Against the advice of the doctors and health visitor we decided that we would give Jenson more than one dose of calpol in the hope that it would make him feel better. He was given a dose of calpol just before he left for the doctors, a trick we had decided to do as the first time he had his injections we tried to give him calpol afterwards while he was screaming, on a spoon of all things, and it all just came back out! And of course we couldnt give him anymore after that either because of him being premature!

We had found a really good device though to give Jenson his medicine, a dummy where you can poor the medicine into it, and then Jenson could suck the medicine out through the teat of the dummy! Genius! Not too sure if Im allowed to mention shop names on my blog, so if you want to know where we got it just send me a message 🙂

Jenson and his Daddy returned home early afternoon, Jenson sound asleep in his car seat. My husband told me that the injections had hurt our son and he had bled quite a bit as well, at one point he was screaming that loud that the nurse turned round and said “He has a good set of lungs on him”. Although after 10 minutes in the waiting room Jenson was back to his normal self, smiling and talking.

So yesterday afternoon with another dose of Calpol in him, Jenson wasnt too bad, no screaming this time! The only episode we had was in the evening when for some reason Jenson started to choke (something he does quite often in fact), he is usually okay after a few seconds but this one he wasnt, so I quickly picked him up and a second later he had projected sick over my shoulder! Again Im thankful that we dont yet have carpet upstairs! Apart from that Jenson seemed to be fine yesterday and went to sleep as normal with no fuss.

Now today I think the injections must be taken hold, as he seems to be sleeping a lot more and isnt quite his usual lively self.

We are both in our second lot of clothes for the day, as at his last feed he again was sick everywhere! I really dont know what caused this one, he was quite happily sucking on his bottle and then it just came from nowhere!

Hopefully he will be feeling better at the weekend and the injections have worn off!


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