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Back to the past – Team Jenson!

Posted on: 02/12/2010

The rest of the day went all too quickly and before I knew it 2:00pm was upon us and it was time to do our very first Cares with Jenson.

Although I was looking forward to being able to care for my little boy at the same time I was scared. Jenson was just so small and fragile, I was worried that Id end up hurting him whilst trying to clean him, which would result in him crying and then what would the nurses think of me? Would they think I was incapable of looking after my baby?

Of course doing Cares was made all that bit harder because Jenson had all these tubes and monitors on him. Even though the nurse had made it look easy when she done it, I just knew it wasnt going to take me only 5 minutes to complete Cares.

Me and my husband walked to Neonatal, a trip that we would come to do all too often, both with a big smile on our faces at the sight of our little boy again. It was funny Id only seen Jenson a few hours before but yet it felt like Id been away for days!

So there I was standing by Jensons cot, wondering if I should start of not?? Was I to wait until the nurse came over so she could watch me??

I could feel myself getting nervous! I thought to myself “dont be so ridiculous!”, this needs to be done!

I decided to start without the nurse after standing there looking stupid for about 10 minutes!

I went and got everything I needed, nappy: check, cotton wool balls: check, bowl of warm water: check, nappy bag: check, cotton buds: check, sterile water: check

Now all I had to do was start……so with a deep breath (and shaking hands!) I started to clean Jensons face, all the while talking to him and telling him what I was doing. Im not sure if it made a difference to him but it seemed to keep me calm and helped me to carry on with the task at hand. Cleaning Jensons face would have been easy if he hadnt had a tube in his nose which in turn was stuck to his face with medical tape, I could see that the tape was dirty and his cheek looked really sore but I wasnt allowed to take this off or use soap of any kind on Jenson, so this part I had to leave.

Once Id cleaned his face, I dried it with dry cotton wall balls, again I wasnt allowed to use anything else because of his skin being so sensitive. Once his face was dry I then moved on to cleaning his mouth, taking a cotton bud I dipped that in the sterile water and run it along his lips, he instantly opened his mouth and sneaked his tongue out, licking the cotton bud! I took this opportunity to run the cotton bud along his gums, cleaning the inside of his mouth, whilst Jenson had the same time was trying to suck the cotton bud!

Now that was the easy part over with! I then had to move onto the much harder task of changing his nappy.

I started to undress him, cardigan off, sleepsuit off and short sleeve vest undone, all of which were huge on him! This was the first time I actually got to see just how tiny his body was. There was hardly any weight to his body, the nappy that he was in was up to his armpits, and these were Micro Baby nappies! His legs were so skinny and his feet were actually bigger than I thought theyd be!! Although still small, they were big for a prem baby (does that make sense?!). Me and my husband later terms Jensons legs as “Chicken Legs” due to the size of them.

I then undone the monitor that was attached to his foot and strapped it up onto the other foot.

So with everything at the ready, I proceeded to undo Jensons nappy. I thought I was in luck when I first started, it was just a wet one! I sighed in relief, this would certainly make it easier for me! I folded the wet nappy underneath his bottom and started to clean him with the warm water and cotton wool balls and just as I was finished cleaning him Jenson took that moment to start pooing!!! And good heavens it was black and looked like tar! lol

My immediate thought was “Oh God! What do I do?? Help!”

Right I thought, first things first, start cleaning!! So I got some more cotton wool and started to clean Jenson, all the while he was still pooing! lol And oh dear it did go everywhere! And the damn stuff was sticky and so hard to clean off of Jenson! I really could have done with some wipes! But I was only allowed to use the warm water.

Once Jenson had finished “christening” his cot and Id got him all cleaned, I finally took that dirty nappy away and placed a clean one underneath him, making sure he was nice and dry (the nurse had said to make sure he was clean and dry, as this would prevent nappy rash). Then low and behold before I could do the new nappy up Jenson then decided to wee!!! I really couldnt believe my luck!

Again I had that moment of “Oh no!!!” and “Ah”, and can you believe the first thing I done to try and stop it going everywhere was to put my hand over him!! Lol looking back at this I do laugh, how did I think that my hand was going to stop his wee going everywhere?! Silly Mummy!

Once Jenson had stopped, I then had to clean him a third time to make sure all the wee was off, as any left on could have burnt him, and I finally managed to get a clean nappy on him and done up before he done anything else! Phew! I imagine that Jenson was quite pleased with himself at this point! And it was probably his way of just reminding me that Yes I am his mum and Yes you will be doing lots of this for a few years yet! lol

Luckily none of Jensons clothes he was wearing got wet or dirty so I didnt have to change him, that would have been the icing on the cake!

I quickly started to dress Jenson, at this point I was consious of how long Id taken, as the nurse had mentioned to us that they didnt like the babies to be undressed too long because of their little bodies not being able to regulate their body temperature.

And with the final popper done up and Jensons cardi buttoned up Id finally finished and looked up at the clock….

Id taken nearly half an hour!!!!! I really couldnt believe it!! How on earth had I taken so long?!

My husband tried to tell me not to worry about it and that I would get quicker the more practice I had. But I still felt bad, it had taken me way too long to do such a simple task, that half an hour had meant Jenson had been undressed too long. What if me taking that long and done some sort of harm to him? Had he gotten too cold??

So my first experience of nappy changing was quite an eventful one! I just hoped that I got quicker, for Jensons sake.

The nurse said to me not to worry about it, that Id get quicker, it just takes practice. She even said to me that Id done a good job, but I think it was just to make me feel better!

For me the whole ordeal was a nervewracking one, as for Jenson he wasnt bothered in the slightest!

So with Cares all done, I settled down to have another cuddle with my little boy.


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