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29 November 10 – Jensons entertaining morning for nanny!

Posted on: 29/11/2010

So this morning I had to go to an appointment and my lovely mother in law said she would look after Jenson for me. So I left Jenson and Nanny both quite content when I left however two hours later nanny had a story to tell me…

Jenson has been feeling somewhat under the weather today and as such hasnt taken as much milk as he normally would, so his morning feed that I gave him at 8:00am wasnt as big as he was used to. So by the time I left 2 hours later he was getting hungry again and nanny said she would feed him. Well the story goes that Jenson took round about half of his bottle, nanny sat him up to wind him and Jenson promptly brought back up the milk he had just drunk!

It went everywhere! On the sofa (which I hasten to mention is white leather!), all over the floor (again no carpet so that was wipe clean thankfully) and of course all over nanny and Jenson!

Oh dear! Then nanny said that as she was trying to clean Jenson up our cat decided at that point he wanted to be let out, so with a dripping Jenson she opened the door for the cat! lol And of course all the while nanny is trying to clean the mess up and clean Jenson, he is just cheekily smiling back at her.

He obviously thought he wanted to make nanny work while she was looking after him today! lol


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