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28 November 10 – Jensons first trip to IKEA!

Posted on: 28/11/2010

Today was Jensons first trip to the well known superstore IKEA! You might think this is a strange place to have a day out to but we did have a purpose!!

Jenson has just about outgrown his moses basket (seems to be taking after his daddy who is 6ft 4, and growing very long!), and so we decided today to go and get the mattress for his cot. This means that tomorrow night Jenson will spend his first night in his cot! Fingers crossed he settles okay!

So we arrived at the superstore at roughly 11:45am and left at about 3:30pm. And out of this 3 hour trip roughly about 2 hours of this was spent in the restaurant! Lol Having a baby means that everything now takes twice as long to do! And you need at least 3 bags with you to carry everything!! Jenson was a very good boy today and didnt kick up once, and was quite happy to just sleep the whole way round IKEA.

Isnt it amazing that once you have a baby everyone seems to talk to you. I had a gentleman sat on the table next to me ask how old Jenson was (and then explaining to him why he is small – which I get alot of). Still its nice to get the attention, I always feel very proud of Jenson when I talk about him to other people.

As well as Jensons mattress he now has his very first football!! Its a soft cuddly one and Im sure his daddy will have him playing with it at some point this week, the way Jenson kicks his legs at the moment he’ll be up and kicking it by the end of the week! lol


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