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Back to the past – Two day old Jenson

Posted on: 26/11/2010

Another night was spent in the hospital for me as the doctors wanted to observe me as I was having dizzy spells and generally didnt feel right, but for the life of me they couldnt figure out what was wrong so just wanted to observe me! When I think about it now personally I think it was just exhaustion, my body was still in shock and was obviously protesting and telling me to rest! So against my better judgement I was told Id be spending another night in the ward. At this point I should mention that I absolutely hate hospitals and having to spend more than one night there was torture for me. On the plus side though I was in the same place as my little boy which meant I could go over and see him anytime I wanted (even in the early hours of the morning if I wanted to).

So that night I spent reading magazines and enjoying the yummy chocolate cake that Id been brought. Just before I went to sleep I pulled out my phone and took a few minutes to gaze at the pictures of my baby boy, again willing him to have a good night.

I must have fallen asleep like that because at roughly 4:30am the next morning I was rudely awoken by another mum talking on her mobile phone way too loudly!!! I thought WTF?! How am I meant to sleep when Ive got someone talking on their mobile at this god awful hour?! I think she must have stayed on that phone for a good hour, and I finally gave up going to sleep and decided to get up myself and get dressed, eager to see Jenson again. And would you believe it when I came back from the bathroom the same women was still awake with the curtains now rolled back and she had the nerve to smile at me?! Arrgggh!

I should point out that at this point I was in a fair amount of pain myself, and was so not in the mood! Lol At that point I honestly felt like Id been run over by a bus at least twice, and as for sitting down..that was the most difficult thing in the world!

So I made my way (slowly!) to Neonatal where my beautiful boy was sleeping. I was the only one in there at that time of the morning which I was grateful for. Jenson looked so content that morning, in the land of nod with not a care in the world. He was so small that even the tiny baby clothes he was wearing were still too big for him, and you could just see his fingers poking out from the arms of his sleep suit. After a while one of the nurses came up to me and I asked how Jenson had gotten on in the night. She told me that he had had another good night, with only a few moments where he stopped breathing, but he seemed to recover quickly and that if he carried on that way he may not need the caffine after all.

The nurse advised me that they wanted to show both me and my husband how to do “Cares” that day, which basically meant how to change his nappy, clean his face and clean his mouth. Again this was another positive step towards Jenson getting better, he was coping that well so far that we would be able to change his nappy, and not just the nurses doing it! People reading this might think, thats not such a big deal, but in the life of a premature baby its a VERY big deal! It means one step closer to coming home.

I agreed that I would return with my husband at 9:45am so that the nurses could show us.

Once Id left Neonatal I immediately sent a text message to my husband updating him on Jensons progress. I was so excited yet nervous at the same time about “Cares”. Id never in my life changed a nappy!! What if I got it all wrong?! I then suddenly had the thought “I wonder if the nurses would let me take notes??”.

I returned to my bed with a big smile on my face, waiting for my husband to arrive at the hospital so that we could talk about Jensons progress and also so that I could get some tips from him on changing a nappy!! You see my husband when he was younger was a Nursery nurse, so he already had a head start on me!

My next blog is all about THAT first nappy change that ended up taking almost 30 minutes to finish!!!


4 Responses to "Back to the past – Two day old Jenson"


Just would like to congratulate you for your baby. I also had a premature baby (35 weeks) and although he didn’t go to the neonatal unit the first weeks were difficult. Thank you for sharing your experience, I believe it’s very brave of you.


Hi Eva

Thank you for reading my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Its tough no matter how early your baby is born, my hope is that my blog helps people to realise just how serious having a premature baby is. Its comments like yours and the others that have been left that make me realise just what help my blog is providing to my readers :0)

Emma x

So sweet! He’s just perfect!

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