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26 November 2010 – Forecast of snow predicted today but we have bright blue sky?!

Posted on: 26/11/2010

Again, me and Jenson are still very disapppointed with the lack of snow on the ground, apparantly the local radio station predicts that we will have “snow flurries” this afternoon. Which will just tie in nicely for us leaving baby club this afternoon!!

Jenson is all prepared for the cold snap with his new big green winter coat that makes him look like a pea! lol He does look rather adorable in it though and it certainly keeps him nice and cosy.

Baby club today we are having a speaker come in to talk about oral hygiene for our babies. At 3 1/2 months of age should I really be worrying about Jensons mouth already??? Not sure, but still I may learn something new!

God knows what the other mums will think of me when we arrive today, almost every morning this week Jenson has woken up with a new scratch on his face, even though before he goes to bed his hands are securely tucked into his sleep suit, he still manages to sneak a thumb out and insists on self harming! lol

Anyone have any tips on how to cut his fingernails???


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