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One day old Jenson

Posted on: 18/11/2010

I came back to my bed and discovered a member of staff packing my things up! I thought, what the hell?! Where are you going with all my things??

I neednt have worried though, the staff had finally decided to move me into another part of the ward where the other mums also had their babies in neonatal. I was at first thankful for this, it meant Id at least get a decent nights sleep that night, something which I desperately needed, as my body still hadnt had time to recover from the previous nights events. The other mums on the ward seemed friendly enough, but we didnt talk all that much and so I was left to my own devices and to wait for my husband to arrive.

Shortly after 9:00am my husband walked through the door, and Ive never been so grateful to see him, being in the hospital is a lonely experience and it was good to see a friendly face. So after Id eaten we both headed back to Neonatal, both equally excited as the other. We just couldnt wait to see our little boy!

My second visit to Jenson wasnt so much of a shock, Id come to realise that my little boy was very ill at the moment and would need all these tubes and equipment monitoring him for a while, I expected it for what it was.

This time it was just me and my husband in that room with Jenson, neither of us said a word, we didnt have to. We were both so proud of our little boy and still couldnt quite believe that he was here already.

One of the nurses eventually came over to speak to us, I was expecting her to tell us about something that might have happened to Jenson in our absence but instead she gave us some very good news.

The doctors had advised that because Jenson was doing so well, and was managing to breath by himself (the forgetting to breath thing had calmed down) that they were confident enough to transfer him to one of the proper cots on the ward that afternoon!

I cant tell you how happy I was, it was such good news. Some of you reading this may not think it was such a big deal but to us it was a huge deal! Less than 24 hours after Jenson was born and he was already being taken out of the intensive care room and being transferred to one of the normal rooms with other babies. This was a huge step for him and just proved that he was a fighter.

With this good bit of news we said our goodbyes to Jenson and went back to my bed, both of us estatic.

Upon my return to my bed I suddenly realised how exhausted I was, Id started to come over all dizzy and had to lay my head down. This wasnt a nice feeling, Id felt like Id been drinking and gotten to the point where Id had too much and the room was spinning. So not great!

My husband advised me that his mum was coming to visit, so when she turned up because I wasnt feeling great him and his mum went to see Jenson without me. But then I just sat there and thought “Im missing another opportunity to see my son!” so five minutes after they left I was making my way to Neonatal! I just countly miss another chance to see Jenson!!

Shortly after my husbands mum left, my sister in law and her partner arrived. And they had brought some goodies! They had been kind enough to buy some short sleeve vests in as small a size as they could find, but these were still too big for Jenson! Not even newborn clothes would fit him, he was just too tiny. They had also brought a little something in for me, a chocolate filled doughnut!!! Ive never been more grateful to receive a cake! lol I was thoroughly looking forward to eating it that night!

My sister in law and her Partner took it in turns to visit Jenson, taking a few photos with their hand next to Jenson to show how small he was. They just said they could not believe how small he was, he looked like a doll.

About an hour later they left and I finall had a chance to catch some sleep, the visiting had really taken it out of me and I was feeling pretty rough. My husband was a star and sat by my bed while I slept.

When I woke up a few hours later the first thing I wanted to do was to see Jenson, I felt like Id been away from him for ages even though it had only been a couple of hours. So again me and my husband made our way to Neonatal, walked through the doors and into the room he was staying in, only to find he wasnt there! I had a moment of panic! What had happened to Jenson??! And why hadnt we been called?!

I saw one of the nurses across the way and demanded to know where my son was, she told us that he had been moved into the next room. We quickly followed her round the corner, and there by the window lay Jenson in a proper cot!! He was all wrapped up in about 5 blankets, with a knitted hat on, wearing a sleep suit and a cardigan. All of which were too big for him, the cardi was so big you couldnt see his hands!

The cot resembled a clear plastic basin with a cupboard underneath. Jensons cot now had a heated mattress in it and he was strapped up to a piece of machinery that would monitor his heartrate and his movement. This bit of machinery would beep if his heartrate dropped too low which would then alert the nurses. In his right hand he had the biggest needle which had then been bandaged up round his arm and then his arm had been put into a splint. Jenson also had another tube going down his nose through which he could eat.

I just couldnt stop smiling! My little boy had already taken such a big step to getting better and one step closer to coming home.

My husband and I both grabed a chair and sat next to Jensons cot, both just staring at him. You just couldnt help it! We jokingly said we didnt need TV, when we had Jenson to look at all day.

After about 30 minutes another nurse came up to us and advised us that she would be looking after Jenson that week. Her next question to me was one I wanted them to ask me since he had first been born “Do you want a cuddle with Jenson?”

I was so shocked! I hadnt expected to hold him for at least a couple of days and that was the impression that I had been given by the nurses previously. And of course I said yes, although at that point I suddently became nervous! I wanted to hold my son but was scared Id break him, he was just so tiny I didnt want to hurt him!

I neednt have worried though, Jenson was swaddled up so tightly and was so cosy that he probably didnt even realise I was holding him!

The moment the nurse handed him over to me was so emotional for me. I was finally holding my little boy. There he was fast asleep in my arms, obliviously to his mummy and daddy just staring down at him. That first cuddle with Jenson I will treasure for the rest of my life, it was such a momentous event for me and I was so very thankful that Jenson was in my life already.

I sat there for what only felt like 5 minutes but was in fact 20, until the nurse came back and said it was probably best that Jenson go back in his cot as it was important that Jenson kept warm because as yet he still couldnt completely control his body temperature. So with relectance I handed Jenson back to the nurse and he was once again placed in his cot and wrapped up like he was in the Arctic! Bearing in mind he was born in the middle of Summer and it was warm outside, it just seemed very bizarre!

In my next blog read about Jensons second day in Neonatal and my first experience on changing his nappy!!


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