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18 Nov 2010 – Jensons Wake Up call and Weigh In!

Posted on: 18/11/2010

Just thought Id give all my readers an update on todays events! Dont worry I will still be writing my blogs and talking about Jensons days on Neonatal.

So this morning was eventful! One good thing was Jenson woke up at 7:00am today!!!! His last feed at 10:00pm last night, this is just fantastic! I think we can firmly say he is now sleeping through the night and now Mummy and Daddy get a layin!

But of course because he woke up later than usual he was starving, and promptly started screaming! Dont you just love that alarm call?!

Well I got his bottle ready (6oz!), and Jenson fed really well, sat there for 10 minutes to make sure it had gone down and then placed Jenson on his changing table ready to change his nappy. And oh dear what a mess it was! The good old trusted brand of nappies we use (known as P), had leaked and there was poo everywhere!! All down his leg, on his feet…so about half a pack of wipes later Jenson was all cleaned, with a fresh new nappy on. Then I noticed that he had dribbled some milk out of his mouth, so started to clean that up and realised that it was all in his hair! Not that it bothered Jenson, he was quite happily laying there smiling and gurgling at me whilst kicking and waving his arms, he was having a lovely time!

So of course I then had to clean his hair and dry it, and it was whilst drying his hair that Jenson decided he wanted to part company with the contents of his tummy, and nearly all the milk he had just drunk came flying out of his mouth, straight down the back of my dressing gown and all over the floor!! Im just so grateful we havent got carpet upstairs at the moment, I would surely have been cursing if that had gone all over the new carpet! lol After this lovely event Jenson seemed quite pleased with himself and was just smiling at me, such a cheeky little boy!

I finally got Jenson dressed which is no easy task at the moment, his new thing is to constantly kick his legs up and down, up and down which makes putting his socks and trousers on very difficult! Got myself dressed, had my breakfast and then got ready to go out and get Jenson weighed at the local medical centre.

We arrived at the medical centre 15 minutes before opening and I sat down next to another lady that was already there, we got chatting and it turned out her little boy had been born on the same day as Jenson and that she recognised me from when we were both in the hospital (what a small world). I was reassured to see though that Jenson appeared to be the same size as her little boy, albeit not as chubby, but everything that her little boy was doing Jenson was doing the same. This I think is fantastic as it means that Jenson may have caught up a lot already!

The doors finally opened and we were called in, of course by this point Jenson was quite happily sleeping in his car seat and hates being woken up! He gets so grotty! So of course he wasnt all that impressed when I took him out and started to undress him on the changing mat, think it took approximately 5 minutes before he started to scream in protest!! I think he had realised by that point that he was now hungry as well (silly boy, he shouldnt have brought up his last feed!). OMG what do you do when your baby is screaming and your in a room with lots of other mums, who can hear everything going on?! I felt so bad!

I quickly got him on the scales, and the good news Jenson now weighs 11pound 10oz!!!

Everytime I get him weighed I feel so happy, its such a big achievement for him because of how small he was when he was born.

So that was this mornings events! Fingers crossed tonight I can write my next blog talking about Jensons first few days in hospital :0)


2 Responses to "18 Nov 2010 – Jensons Wake Up call and Weigh In!"

Wow – well done Jenson! that is an amazing weight for his age! Imogen is a year old nearly and still only 18lb 10oz! (still on the 25th centile for her actual age so its fine but still small!)
Imogen has reflux so i know what the projectile vomiting feels like! Despite being on meds 4 times a day she still occasionally does it to me and it always comes from no where and goes everywhere!

Jenson says thankyou! Im sure Imogen will have a huge growth spurt and end up taller than everyone else. It was a tad interesting when he was sick, had to call my husband upstairs to help clean it all up. lol the joys of being parents!!

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