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‎17th November – International Prematuraty Awareness Day.

Posted on: 15/11/2010

‎17th November – International Prematuraty Awareness Day.
We want to try get as many radio stations to play “wires” by Athlete at 12.30pm, written by someone whose baby was rushed to SCBU like so many of ours when born. Contact your local radio station to get this song played and increase awareness of this day. One in eight babies is… born premature or sick – that’s 80,000 babies every year. Around 17,000 of these babies need intensive care and the figure is rising – more and more babies are born prematurely or have a low birthweight.
BBC and Heart have already been asked.

Athlete – Wires


2 Responses to "‎17th November – International Prematuraty Awareness Day."

gutted that lots of radio stations ignored the request! Bet they would have if they had had a prem baby!
Never mind – the awareness needs promoting ready for next year! I think we should try and arrange an exhibition or something like the irish prem foundation did today – go onto their facebook page and see the pics, wish we had something like that here 😦

Did they really? How really disappointing!!! Why oh why is it so hard to make people aware of all the premmie babies about! People just dont seem to realise just how serious it is when your baby is born early! An exhibition sounds good, but where would we start???

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