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The day I went into labour!! – Part 3

Posted on: 11/11/2010

So, id just been told I was in labour and I thought to myself, at least now they will take me seriously!. At this point though I didnt fully understand how serious it was to have my baby this early, I was only 31 weeks 6 days gestation, but I didnt realise just how ill my baby could be if born that early.

The nurses advised us that they wanted to try and keep my baby in as long as possible, as the longer he was in there the better! So I was told that Id be given first antibiotics to stop the risk of infection to my baby and second I was to be given steriods to help develop my baby’s lungs quicker so that if he was born he would have more of a fighting chance of being able to breath on his own. Now that scared me!

We were told that because of the young age of our baby that he may not be able to breath by himself when he was born and that he more than likely wouldnt be able to regulate his own body temperature – this was what scared me, that my baby could be born all too soon but be so ill that he would be fighting for his life when he was born.

I was then strapped up to this monitor that monitors the babies heartbeat and monitors my contractions, this bit of equipment is fascinating to watch, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat so clearly and its really reassuring to know that your baby is okay. So I spent yet another day in hospital, this time staying in the delivery suite which is a hell of a lot nicer than being on the ward! You’ve got the room to yourself and you dont have to worry about other patients keeping you awake all night, although it was a bit bizarre at times because every so often you would hear another woman screaming(!) and then the cry of their newborn baby.

So another night was spent in the hospital, and nothing eventful happened during that night which I was thankful for, I still wasnt quite ready to deal with the fact that I was in labour!

Friday morning came all too soon, and I was once again being strapped up to the monitor to check my baby’s heartbeat, again still nice and strong, think he was having a lovely time in there!

My husband arrived early that morning, and I advised him that nothing eventful had happened in his absence, that this baby obviously had changed his mind about arriving early! Just as I had said this words I had the Head Consultant come and visit me…

She promptly announced to me that she wanted this baby delivered today!! As she did not want to risk either me or the baby getting an infection. I remember saying “Really?!, are you sure?!”

So at 9:15am I was sat on the bed with gas and air in my hand having an epidural inserted into my back, which I must add didnt hurt going in which I was pleasantly surprised about although I do remember at one point I was told I would experience an electric shock go down my legs and could I try to not jump! Thats easier said than done, it was one hell of an electric shock! And yes I did jump!

Thirty minutes later I was numb from the waist down and having the biggest needle inserted into my hand so that they could hook me up to a drip which would give me some sort of drug to bring on the contractions quicker, and then another drug to keep the epidural topped up! I was well and truely drugged up to the eyeballs, what with the gas and air in my hand as well I didnt know where I was lol

And then began the waiting game, by midday my contractions were coming more frequent and stronger and unfortunately my epidural didnt completely work on my right hand side and so I was still feeling pain on that side, the gas and air became my lifeline, everytime I felt another one coming Id suck on that gas and air for dear life until the contraction faded. At one point during my labour I remember thinking “Ive had enough” and started crying. I couldnt help it, I just wanted it to all be over.

Then at round about 2:00pm I was examined again and the nurse announced I was 10cm dilated!! Yes I thought!! And I was told to start pushing….and 30minutes later nothing had I was examined again and then told “Actually your only 9cms dilated, stop pushing!”. What?! Apparantly my cervix was still too thick on one side and so pushing would have done me serious damage, so I had to stop. This was very frustrating!!

Then at just before 3:45pm I was told I could start pushing again! Whoohoo! Now pushing while you have an epidural is one of the hardest things Ive ever done, there the nurses were telling me how to push “push like you are going to the toilet!”, easier said than done!

And after roughly about 30mins I was told that I would have my legs strapped into stirrups to help me push, all my dignity went straight out the window at this point, there I was with my legs up in the air with about 7 nurses at the foot of the bed!! All telling me to push harder and longer….

Towards the end of my labour I remember thinking “I cant do this anymore, someone please help me!” I was exhausted, I hadnt eaten anything or drunk anything since the day before and had no energy left. I felt like I wasnt making any progress, although the nurses assured me that my baby was descending I didnt believe them!

I remember the nurses telling me that if I was still pushing after 1hr 30 minutes then they would need to use the forceps! Eek I thought! Noway was I having those things near me!! So I started to push harder and longer and it worked! 15minutes later the nurse announced she could see the head!

And at this point I could feel the head! OMG! That is the most bizarre feeling in the world, it wasnt painful all I felt was this tremendous pressure. The nurse then told me that on the next contraction she wanted me to push as hard as I could and then start panting….

And after 1 hour 15mins of pushing my baby finally started to make an appearance, with one last all mighty push my little boy, Jenson, was born at 16:56pm weighing 3pound 14 oz. The relief I felt was immense, I was bloody exhausted!!

My little boy was placed on my tummy for what only felt like a second before being taken away from me and placed on the cot and whisked off to the Neonatal unit. I didnt even get a glimpse of his face when he was born before he was taken up to Neonatal.

Read my next blog to find out what happened in the first few hours of Jensons life.


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