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The day I went into labour!! – Part 2

Posted on: 09/11/2010

So there I was instructed to relax (which is slightly hard to do when you are already worried that something might be wrong!), and try as I might I coul not relax and as a result I couldnt tolerate them examining me, it was just too painful!

I was told because they were unable to examine me I would have to have an ultrasound scan to check the fluid levels around the baby. So I was swiftly taken to the Ultrasound department where they undertook the scan (I felt quite excited at this point as me and my husband got to see our baby again!). After about 5 mins of scanning the sonographer advised me that there seemed to be plenty of fluid round the baby and this seemed to indicate that my waters had not broken (in my mind I thought “so why the hell am I leaking fluid then?!). However she did inform us that baby was VERY low in my pelvis, so she was unable to scan round the head properly as the little mite was currently doing a headstand!.

So with the uncertainity of whether or not I was in labour the nurses announced that I would have to be kept in overnight to monitor me (what a way to make me feel guilty! I already felt bad enough as it was, and at this point I think the staff thought I was wasting their time!).

This wasnt the news I wanted to hear, for one thing I hate hospitals, and secondly it meant being away from my husband in a place full of strangers. My husband stayed as long as he could but then visitor waiting times were up and he had to leave, I really felt so down at this point and just wanted to go home. And so I spent a very long night on the maternity ward of the hospital, I didnt get much sleep that night but thankfully the pains I had been getting seemed to die down and by morning I felt fine!

At roughly 9:00am the next morning, I had a consultant come round who informed me that if they could not examine me then they would not be able to tell me if I was in labour (and I honestly thought I wasnt at this point). It was either examine me or go home and deal with these pains I was getting….jeez I felt so small, I really didnt want to have the examination done but after a talk with my husband he convinced me it would be the best thing to do for both me and the baby.

So I advised the consultant of my decision and about 10 minutes later I was being prepared for another examination (this time with gas and air to try and relax me!). I tell you I sucked on that gas and air so much that I didnt know where I was! But still even with the gas and air at some point during the examination I heard myself say “It hurts!” and I remember hearing myself moan in my throat as well, although my husband later told me it was actually a scream! Id taken that much gas and air I didnt realise how loud I was being!.

Well the good news was the examination was done (thank bloody god for that!) and the consultant announced I was not in labour!!!! And said I was okay to go home. Whoohooo!

Two hours later I was being discharged from the hospital, but I still didnt feel right, the pains seemed to have started again and were slightly more painful then they had been, but I kept quiet what was the point in mentioning this to the nurses as Id already been told I wasnt in labour. When I asked what it might have been I was told it was Braxton Hicks (which apparantly arent meant to be painful……).

I was so happy to be going home, even though I was still in pain, I dealt with it by walking up and down the garden, and just carried on as normal. I went back to work the next day and felt fine apart from the old pain now and again but again I carried on as normal and hoped that it would go away!

So Thursday came along, and I was at work, and had just finished a meeting with one of the boss’s, Id been sat at my desk for about 5 minutes when I started to get really bad cramping pains round my bump and the most horrendous backache! So I thought id try pacing up and down the office to try and ease it, I think I must have done this for about 30 minutes before thinking that perhaps maybe something still wasnt quite right. So I decided to give me midwife a call to ask her advice, which a fat lot of good that done, she answered and said she was in the middle of something and could she call me back! I thought charming, I could be in trouble here and you dont give a damn! It made me angry at the time!

So instead I rang the delivery suite again (I bet they must have thought “Oh no not her again!”). This time I rang them in tears, the pain was constant now and so unbelieveably painful. The nurse I spoke to asked me to explain what had been happening, so I ran over the events of the past week again (although I dont know how much she understood as I was in tears down the phone!) and she told me that I had best come back to the hospital to get checked out.

My next call was to my husband, and I told him what had been going on that mornind and that he needed to take me to the hospital. I remember him saying to me “Do you think you are in labour?!” and I said I honesntly dont know, all I know is that something isnt right.

So back at the hospital in another delivery suite, I was sat on one of the balls (they are great arent they, they remind me of the space hoppers when I was a kid!). And I was again told that Id have to be examined to determine what was going on. The nurse told us that if I was in labour that I would have to be transferred to another specialist hospital in the county, as if my baby was born at this point he would be too young to be looked after in their hospital Neonatal.

I think it must have taken me about 30 minutes to work myself up to it, but I finally agreed and there I was again laying on the bed with 2 nurses between my legs! lol Again I was on the gas and air which by this point Id told my husband “This stuff is great, I so need to get me some of this at home!”.

The examination was performed (not too much fuss from me this time!), and the nurse announced “Your 4cms dilated!”.

I said “Im sorry?!” How the hell did that happen???? Me and my husband just looked at eachother in shock. How on earth had I gone from the beginning of the work not in labour to two days later being 4cm dilated?!

So a great commotion began then, I was told because I was already 4cm dilated that I would not be transferred to the other hospital as they didnt want me giving birth in the ambulance on the way there!

Read my next blog to find out what happened next!


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