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The day I went into labour!! – Part 1

Posted on: 08/11/2010

Okay, so the day started as a normal Saturday, me and my husband were moving house that day and I was extremely frustrated as I wasnt allowed to do anything! lol I felt useless at times but I know it was for my own good. However I think my moaning about not being able to do anything was beginning to get to my husband and he suggested that I helped to paint our new living room with the help of my mum. I thought great, I can finally be of some use and I promised my husband that I would not overdo it….

So the day of decorating went well, I helped paint the bottom half of the living room while my mum painted the rest, and I honestly did not work all that hard, however baby obviously thought otherwise and decided that night to give a little warning that perhaps he had had enough inside my tummy and might like to make an appearance quite soon.

It was roughly about 8:00pm that night that I started to get what felt like cramping pains round the front of my bump, nothing too painfull and I thought to myself that I must be experiencing Braxton Hicks so carried on as normal. However 30mins later after returning from the bathroom I discovered that I was leaking (perhaps too much information but it helps explain the story!). This immediately got my brain racing, why the hell was I leaking fluid and getting these pains, I couldnt believe that this was normal.

Then my second thought was, how on earth do I tell my husband that I think something is wrong?!, would he just turn round and say I was being over worried??. So with a deep breath I stood with my husband in the kitchen and told him what had happened. We agreed between us to call the delivery suite at the hospital to ask for their advice. So at 10:30pm that night I sat on my sofa and dialled the delivery suite.

The nurse I spoke to was lovely, I explained the situation to her, and asked her what I should do. The nurse asked me how many weeks pregnant I was and asked me exactly what had happened so far. After describing this to her she came to the conclusion that I was most likely not in labour, I was told to take a paracetamol to deal with the cramping pains and to call back in an hour if things got worse.

So I done as I was told and rested for the hour, the painkiller seemed to help and things didnt get any worse so I decided not to call the delivery suite back and went to bed, thinking that things would be okay in the morning. I honestly thought it was just my body telling me off for helping to decorate!

Its a bit bizarre really, having been relatively fit all my life and then to suddenly not be able to do as much as you were able to before you got pregnant is a strange feeling. I didnt feel I had overdone it but my body was telling me otherwise.

So Sunday morning came, and I woke up with no pains, although I was still leaking fluid slightly, I was not overly worried at this point. I had read that in the later stages of pregnancy your bladder can become weaker so I put it done to that. Over the course of the day the pains were just a dull ache and I definately had made up my mind that it must be Braxton Hicks I was having.

I went to bed Sunday night well rested and looking forward to the week ahead in our new home.

Well, I woke up Monday morning and things had taken a turn for the worse..the pains were back twice as bad and I felt like id wet myself! lol it was not a nice feeling and I was hugely embarrassed, I sat on the bed in tears extremely upset, while my husband tried to calm me down. All I kept asking him was “Why was this happening, i didnt understand!”.

So it was decided that another call was to be made to the delivery suite to get their advice. At this point I was visibly shaking, I couldnt stop myself, I was scared! What if I was in labour?! I hadnt even packed my hospital bag yet, and god knows where everything was that we needed to take with us, it was all stored in our garage ready to be unpacked!!

Again, I spoke to another lovely nurse on the delivery suite, and she said to be on the safe side for me to come to the hospital so that I could be checked over.

I calmly passed on this news to my husband, and immediately we were rushing around trying to pack a hospital bag with things that we thought we would need. There was my husband at the back of the garage trying to sort through all the boxes to find all the baby things we had brought over the last few months.

Once the bag was packed we made our way to the hospital. Id gone quiet by this point, something I do when Im worried or scared, my mind was everywhere. I couldnt be in labour, it was too early! What had I done to bring it on? Had I really done too much? Had I hurt our unborn baby without realising? What would happen to me once I got to the hospital? I was petrified and grateful that my husband was there to comfort me.

So we arrived at the delivery suite and a nurse came over and advised us to sit down in the waiting area, we must have only been waiting 15mins but to me it felt like hours, I was tense and getting the pains my frequent now and all I wanted the nurses to tell me was that everything was fine, this was normal and that I could go home.

One of the nurses came over to us about 15mins later and advised that they had a bed made up for me, we followed her through to one of the delivery suites and I sat down on the bed. Then began the questions, what had happened? Did I think my waters had broken? How much fluid was I loosing? When did this all start?

I tried to answer the questions as best I could, feeling stupid for wasting the nurses time. I still didnt think I was in labour and just thought I was being paranoid.

I was advised that in order for them to determine if I was in labour they would need to examine me. All mums reading this will probably agree with me that this isnt the most pleasant experience and being tense really doesnt help at all!!

Read my next blog to find out if I was in labour?!


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